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Most of us have had the uncomfortable experience of watching someone struggle through the setup of an audiovisual business presentation, only to be defeated by the technology or give up altogether. No matter how compelling their slides might have been, or how much work they put into building the perfect audio or video accompaniment, the effort was wasted once things stopped working the way they were supposed to.

The question, then, is why this happened in the first place… and why it seems to happen so often for so many businesses?

There are a lot of different answers, ranging from a lack of time to being unfamiliar with the equipment being used for the presentation. What they all have in common, though, is that they could have been easily and quickly solved by an IT professional who specializes in audio/visual setup.

If that concept seems new to you, or you can’t imagine calling your IT provider to do something you think you can handle on your own, we understand how you feel. But, we can give you five very strong reasons to let us help you with your audiovisual setup, regardless of whether you’re arranging a presentation (or presentation room) for the first time, or looking to get the most of the equipment you already have:

  1. You’ll save time. Even if you can configure your television, DVD player, speakers, laptop computer, and other equipment to work together correctly, why not use that time more productively by letting a professional handle the details?
  2. You might save face. The situation we described in the beginning of this article is only funny if you haven’t lived through it. When your reputation’s on the line – and possibly your career – you don’t want to be fumbling with loose cords and remotes.
  3. We can help you find better, more cost-effective equipment. If you are just setting up your own presentation system, we can help you find hardware and software systems that aren’t just compatible, but also easy on your budget.
  4. You’ll get a reference guide to keep. When a professional IT team sets up your presentation equipment, you are left with a handy reference guide you can come back to again in case you forget how to use the equipment or have a small problem.
  5. Help will never be far away. In the event you can’t fix things by yourself, you can always call the IT partner who came and did the installation. Since they’ll already be familiar with your equipment, it should only take a few minutes to diagnose and correct the problem.

Strong meetings and presentations can be the key to starting business relationships, pushing projects forward, and even closing major deals. With that in mind, why not hire a specialized IT professional to help with your A/V setup and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your presentation equipment is ready to use when you need it most?

Bay Area Computer Solutions provides Managed IT and Network Management services to businesses large and small. We can easily scale to meet your needs, and we’re there for you – whether it’s audio/visual setup, maintaining your network security, providing the network cabling you need to have a company that truly functions at peak efficiency. We’d love to speak with you about the kind of IT provider you’re looking for, what your needs are, and what we can do for you. You reach us by phone at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online for more information.

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Published on 2nd September 2015 by James Berger.