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Our Testimonials and Case Studies pages show you the kind of services we have provided in our work with a long line of happy clients. We work with small businesses and large enterprises, and thought we’d take this week to show you one of our more recent clients, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures.

BlueHawk 1540 Pictures, based out of Atlanta, decided to move in a more corporate direction. To become a larger player in the digital world, they needed to take a few steps — take control of their online presence, update any and all web listings, and continue with their already stellar work on social media. We were able to step in and help with DNS and delisting services, letting them avoid losing productive worktime and helping new clients find them more easily online.

In Bluehawk 1540 Pictures’ own words:

”Because of BACS’ assistance and support, the team at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is able to move forward strategically to exceed marketing goals. Combined with the company’s social media activity, BlueHawk 1540 Pictures’ new web presence will provide an engaging, brand-centered experience to visitors while opening new doors of opportunity for the east coast-based firm. Beyond the digital presence and brand goals, the team at BlueHawk 1540 Pictures desires a deeper connection with visitors who share an appreciation for quality script and score production.”

For more information on our work with BlueHawk 1540 Pictures, you can find their post about it on their blogBACS doesn’t just provide quality network cabling services in the Bay Area, we also provide network management, managed IT, and voice & video services to businesses all over the country. Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to speak with you. You can reach us by phone at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online today.

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Published on 16th December 2015 by James Berger.