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Yes, we can, if you’re in need of a qualified virtual CIO, or vCIO, to augment or stand in as your chief information officer. With BACS Consulting Group, you get IT professionals that present a win-win partnership that can work with an existing CIO or CISO on your staff, or you can hire us as an IT company that’s also your company’s CIO as well.

Either way, you get an alert watchdog on your IT security, performance, and connectivity, 24-7-365!

When Your IT Company is Also Your Company CIO

First, let’s examine the concept of how a CIO comes up with an “IT strategy,” and how a truly masterful IT strategy helps a business in multiple ways. In the business-IT sense of the word strategy, it denotes a map for plotting greater IT productivity, better systems performance, and, consequently, being able to do a more robust and profitable business. That’s the primary reason many are choosing BACS for their IT company and CIO services in San Francisco.

We get to know you, your workflow, and how you do business, so we can design the right IT environment that you can count on continuously. That’s just for starters in how we can be the kind of IT company that can act as your company CIO as well.

We thrive on helping Bay Area businesses like yours reach their potential, and we do this by implementing solid computer networking solutions, then maintaining and monitoring those solutions, so they work at full speed for you – every minute of your workday.

You see, working with the leadership and employees of BACS is a far different experience from working with a faceless, faraway IT support provider that logs into your network from another state – or from halfway around the world.

Not BACS – we don’t work that way as your outsourced CIO.

Serving Bay Area businesses with top-notch IT offerings and second-to-none customer experience so the entire Bay Area region can rejoice in their success is what we’re about.

And that kind of common interest, personal touch, and regional pride can’t be delivered over the Internet.

Proof positive is in the pudding of our fully managed IT service protocol, which includes:

  • IT Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Mobility
  • IT Assessments
  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Network Cabling
  • Audio / Visual
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Telephone Systems
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • VoIP & Internet
  • Virtualization
  • Security Services
  • Business Continuity
  • Video Surveillance

It’s a vast array of service options that are available to you at BACS, as you can see.

And, there is no way that out-of-state (or in some cases, out-of-country) IT providers can deliver such a wide selection of services for your Bay Area business.

That’s just another reason why working with your local BACS team is the way to go – for both an IT company and your company CIO!

Our staff is friendly, helpful, efficient, and knowledgeable. From the BACS leadership to our newest recruit, the culture of business support and top-shelf client experience is embedded in our culture and daily efforts.

What kind of territory do we cover as your outsourced CIO?

BACS provides total IT support and security services to businesses nationwide from our home base in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you’re a startup in Silicon Valley or a large enterprise based in New York City, we can provide you with custom-tailored IT support solutions that keep you running at the top of your game.

BACS has been providing computer services and business intelligence solutions to companies since 1997, with a continually growing technical staff. Many of our new clients come through referrals, while our current clients share their growth and success stories. The BACS IT consulting company possesses the collective experience to deliver the consistent, quality support you need to do business in the 21st Century.

Does Your Company CIO Have You Fully Covered on Cyber Security?

Your business is at risk of cyber attack if you’re connected to the web. Does your current CIO have a cybersecurity protection plan in place in case you get hacked or a ransomware virus shuts you down?

If you’re unsure or don’t have a CIO or CISO, we can perform a thorough IT Security Audit to find out.

Worldwide, criminals are stealing over $1 Billion dollars a year from companies just like yours.

It’s terrible, but it’s the world we live in. We have to be realists about this matter, and we have to protect our businesses!

That’s why the IT professionals of BACS Consulting Group make securing your IT assets our #1 priority.

The truth is, you can’t have a stable business unless you have a secure business.

We can provide this for you.

BACS will help you protect your priceless corporate data from the threat of an inevitable cyberattack or data hostage situation.

Unfortunately, these circumstances are becoming all too common.

Cybersecurity is the best IT investment you can make.

How does it work with us as your IT company and CIO?

Effective data backup and security from BACS Consulting Group is a multi-layered solution designed specifically for you.

Whether planning a new project or identifying weak points along your network connectivity, BACS can provide a Total IT Assessment, even if we’re not your current service provider.

For about the cost of one IT professional, you can get an entire team of dedicated experts to keep all your business technology running ship-shape.

As dedicated San Francisco IT service consultants, we provide affordable managed IT services, diligent and alert security, and business technology services to clients nationwide as part of our bid to be the IT company that’s also your company CIO or vCIO as well.

Ready for an outsourced CIO who can give a fast, no-obligation IT consultation?

Whether you’re a startup or small business or a large enterprise company, BACS can do a quick evaluation of your IT network requirements, and provide custom-made IT solutions for you based on it.

Contact BACS today at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online for more info on getting the type of IT company and outsourced CIO services you’ve been searching for!

Published on 12th November 2017 by James Berger.