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The legacy PBX is based on analog voice conversations being carried over pairs of copper wires. These conversations are circuit-switched and additional hardware is required to add more features or extensions. A separate pair of copper wires is required for each and every phone.

This system was great for businesses in 1969! Well, before reliable hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was available anyway. The hosted VoIP PBX system has cost, scalability and management advantages.

With the legacy analog PBX, the trunk line to the phone company’s central office (CO) requires the addition of more copper wire pairs in the trunk to the CO. Then you have to schedule a technician to come out to your business to do the work. You are charged for the hardware and wires and your monthly bill increases.

With hosted VoIP, scalability is built into the system. No longer do you have to have the technician come out to your location to add wires whenever you add more phone extensions.

Not all VoIP services, however, are created equal. For those companies looking for a reliable and fully comprehensive solution, a tier 1 provider that owns its own network will be able to offer more value than a reseller of VoIP services. A robust network and competent switching platform are the core foundations on which all other features rest, so for companies that are looking for a solution that carries guarantees, VoIP from a pure reseller might not be the right answer. A tier 1 provider owns its network, controls the connectivity, and supports the solution. This is your best choice for reliable VoIP.

Call or email the Bay Area Computer Solutions team to find out more about moving your business from an analog PBX to a reliable tier 1 hosted VoIP system.

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Published on 5th May 2015 by James Berger.