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The following is an excerpt from an interview Mike Kushner once gave to the San Jose Mercury News regarding ‘tech stress’ in the workplace.

The signs of tech stress are everywhere: The iPhone junkie freaking out over his contacts being swallowed alive by the new iOS 7 software. The office manager furiously swimming upstream against a never-ending flood of emails. The angry home-office worker hyperventilating over a computer virus and taking it out on a guy like Mike Kushner.

“We see people crying, we see people angry, we have people lash out at us because we can’t recover what they’ve lost,” says Kushner, the co-owner of Bay Area Computer Solutions, which provides Peninsula-based paramedics for the digitally desperate. “People are under incredible pressure these days because of how dependent everyone is on their computers and especially their smartphones. We get calls from CEOs with email problems and they’re going crazy, so it’s a good thing I took psychology classes in college because it helps me calm talk them off the ledge.'”

The rest of the article can be found here.

What You Can Do To Fight Tech Stress Today

While three years have passed since Mike gave that interview, we have found that the incidence of tech stress in the workplace has not fallen, but risen. It is more common than ever for employees even in lower-level positions to be constantly digitally connected both during work hours and at home, leading to a loss of productivity and a feeling of constant overwhelming anxiety.

When dealing with constant connection, disconnection becomes even more essential to your employees’ ability to manage their workloads.

We recommend the following strategies to help fight ‘tech stress’ in the workplace:

  • Encourage employees not to answer work-related emails or non-emergency phone calls in their off-hours. A feeling of never being able to ‘disconnect’ actually lowers productivity. Giving employees the ability to disconnect from their workplace tech devices will help them ‘reset’ and rest up for the next day.
  • Put in place a limited-browsing or no-browsing policy. With proper firewalls in place, you can be sure your employees won’t find themselves mindlessly drifting onto social networks during work time, helping them stay on task.
  • Plan for unexpected emergencies. Be sure to have your employees put together documents detailing their daily workload that allow coworkers to take over their responsibilities in case of emergencies, so employees won’t be forced to answer work-related calls while on vacation or during medical emergencies or leaves of absence.
  • Keep all data backed up in case of power outage or disaster. Whether you’re trying to put in place a plan to maintain access to essential business data during power outages, are worried about the loss of information due to cyber security threats, or have other concerns, data backup should always be high-priority on your company’s to-do list.

Save Yourself From Tech Stress By Choosing BACS

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Published on 31st January 2017 by James Berger.