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Why We’re the Kinds of IT Consultants Bay Area Businesses Rave About

There are many IT companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to choose from. But, what makes a certain one stand-out from the pack and catch your eye? Is it because they’re so knowledgeable about technology, and how to configure it? Or, do you pick the kinds of IT consultants Bay Area business owners can really relate to, on a one-on-one basis?

We think it’s likely a mix of the two, with emphasis on the latter.

Being the Kind of IT Consultants Bay Area Companies Seek Out

We’re happy to say that BACS Consulting Group is a different kind of IT consulting company. We’re different because of our people and our company culture – which is really more like an extended family than a “corporate environment”.

BACS is made up of some very technologically gifted people, but what truly sets us apart from the competition is our choosing to take that extra step to make sure that the job is done with excellence and that our clients are extremely pleased with all aspects of our service delivery.

The BACS difference is all about the customer experience and creating a business environment based on mutual benefit and personable care.

In short, we want you to trust us in taking care of all your IT troubles with vigor and engaged consideration.

That’s why we take care of the littlest things – on up to the most complex and challenging aspects of your IT management. This high level of care gets noticed and rewarded in loyal, long-term, happy-client relationships.

Our strategy of being proactive IT consultants the Bay Area warms to enables our clients to work each day with confidence in their IT systems.

For us, breakdowns and downtime are unacceptable (for either us or our clients), and we work diligently to give you the maximum uptime productivity possible. That means doing everything from network cabling to virus protection – and, with an eye toward giving you industry-leading security and improving your efficiency.

Our company’s leaders, Jeremy Kushner (CEO), Mike Kushner (COO), and James Berger (CIO), all came to the IT world via very different paths.

Their individual journeys have uniquely prepared them to meet the varied technology needs of businesses of all sizes.

A History of Bay Area IT Consultants Who Care

We started out in 2010, and grew rapidly, soon seeing our founding principals, the Kushner brothers hiring contractors and eventually full-time employees to meet its growing demands. It didn’t take long for us to become a full-service, comprehensive IT solution for companies like yours.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, and our growing staff of technicians, Bay Area Consulting Group is now able to handle all aspects of any company’s IT needs.

We do everything for our clients, offering them a true turnkey IT solution. The client comes to us and tells us their pain points, and we confidently bring everything under our management and care.

We take all the IT stresses off your plate, so you can focus on your daily business and what gets you out of bed in the morning!

The BACS Consulting Group team specializes in serving companies just like yours. We do outsourced IT management, maintenance, monitoring, and a whole lot more, including:

Our Bay Area IT Consultants Can Bring Your Business Higher Productivity

Just as you wouldn’t start a road trip without plugging the destination into your GPS or pulling up a map, you need the input of IT professionals who understand your IT problems to show you the way!

Just consider our IT consulting services your roadmap to better IT performance and more productive work environments.

Our executive-level IT consultations include:

  • Information systems documentation;
  • Network analysis; and
  • Recommendations for meeting industry standards and best practices.

While these elements of an IT consultation are extremely valuable, it will be the things discovered while talking with you and your staff that will be the “lynchpin” of this process!

Why, you ask?

Because, while you’re looking for better functioning computers, servers, and internet, more than that you want someone to show you how better functioning computers, servers, and internet can, for instance:

  • Make your day easier;
  • Make your employees happier; and
  • Make your company more productive!

That’s why you bring in executive-level IT consultants Bay Area companies like yours can truly benefit from in numerous ways.

We know you’re likely to ask questions like:

  • How’s my IT going to hold up against next year’s business plans?
  • What aspects of my IT infrastructure are likely to give me trouble?
  • What can be optimized for greater efficiency?
  • What should our IT budgeting look like?

These are the kind of questions that our professional, SF Bay Area IT consultants can answer for you!

So…are you ready for greater IT efficiency and productivity – and more personalized care from the most responsive IT tech support team in the Great San Francisco CA area?

Call the IT Consultants Bay Area Executives Call in a Pinch

If you’re ready to expand your IT horizons and truly leverage your technology investment to a maximum degree, contact us at (650) 887-4601 or sales@bacsit.com and have a no-obligation conversation with one of our Bay Area IT consultants about your rosy information technology future!

Published on 20th November 2017 by James Berger.