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IT Consultants Help Small BusinessAs your business begins to grow, your management staff may be increasingly aware that they badly need help to implement and maintain technology best practices in order to ensure your essential infrastructure continues to work efficiently and without becoming a blow to your bottom line.

Most businesses bring on an IT consultant to help implement a new tech product or service. An IT consultant will help your small business achieve its goals by introducing technology that is designed to streamline day to day operations.

One of the most commonly repeated myths about IT is that it doesn’t make the company any money. The truth is, the IT department exists primarily as a way to save potentially thousands of dollars on technology while minimizing the kind of IT risks that can really hurt your business in the longer term.

Without the proper IT expertise in place, your organization could find itself paying significantly more for inferior IT services.

Here’s how an IT consultant can help guide your organization in the right direction:

IT Asset Procurement & Management

When businesses begin procuring IT assets, they typically call up a sales rep and get sold on the latest and greatest offerings. How can you be sure that your business is getting the best value?

When you onboard an IT consultant, you have a trusted partner who can help your business demystify the nuances of acquiring new hardware and software. When you utilize an IT consultant, you can be absolutely sure that your business is not overpaying for assets, services or software licensing.

An IT consultant will work to understand your business model, therefore bringing your organization maximum value when it’s time to roll out new infrastructure, helping to ensure that you’re only paying for what your business actually needs.

Cloud Services Integration

Many organizations are moving their IT services into the cloud. These moves are fueled by the uptime and reliability provided by a hosted solution. The value of cloud hosted services comes from knowing exactly what it will cost to provide each specific service to an end user on a monthly basis.

If that makes sense for your business, an IT consultant can certainly help your organization make the shift into the cloud. Here is a shortlist of services that many organizations are migrating to the cloud:

  • Email
  • Antivirus
  • Telephony
  • HR & Payroll
  • Accounting

Almost any critical IT service is now being offered through the cloud. This provides businesses with the advantage of paying a low monthly cost for access to services that were traditionally hosted onsite.

An IT consultant will be able to help your organization determine if it makes sense to integrate cloud services. If it does, the IT consultant will help your business integrate these services into your end user’s daily workflow while explaining the potential cost savings for the solutions you choose.

Virtual CIO Services

Many startup businesses need the expertise of a person that is well rounded in the latest and greatest business technology innovations. The great thing about an IT consultant is that your business can hire one to act as a Virtual CIO.

IT consultants can be brought in to work on specific tasks, or an IT consultant can help manage your entire IT infrastructure.

In the role of a Virtual CIO, an IT consultant can help your organization craft IT processes from the ground up. Every facet of your IT infrastructure can be built using the services of a Virtual CIO.

In fact, Virtual CIOs can help you manage your infrastructure providing everything from server monitoring to desktop support services.

IT Consultants Provide Unforeseen Value to Organizations

Consider the benefits of bringing on an IT consultant in your environment. Experts suggest that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) stand to gain the most from IT consultants.

Even if you aren’t exactly sure how a consultant could help, it’s good to go ahead and establish a relationship with one just incase you may need their services. Down the road, you may want to start a conversation about how you can save on IT costs.

IT consultants can take you through a variety of options. For example, you could weigh the costs of using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) versus buying new desktop PCs and refreshing them every 3 to 5 years.

An IT consultant has both the technical expertise to implement a project coupled with enough business acumen to thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each solution. Rather than burdening the load of your IT staff, consider using an IT consultant to plan and deploy your next infrastructure project.

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Published on 5th December 2016 by James Berger.