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What is Low Voltage Cabling, and Why Should You Care?

All businesses that run a significant amount of data cabling (small office size and up) should be concerned about how much voltage is running through them. The concern over this issue is so prevalent, we’ve put together some reasons you should care about the use of low voltage cabling, as part of our structured data cabling installations.

When you are planning the installation of a low-voltage cable plant, you must know more than where the cables run and how to pull and terminate them. It really takes licensed electricians – and, in the case of BACS, fully-qualified IT specialists as well.

Equally important may be the requirements of county, municipal or state building codes.

Luckily, Bay Area Computer Solutions’ cable installation experts are fully-licensed and qualified in the State of CA for any data cabling installation, audio/visual cable install and management, and understand all aspects of such processes!

A low voltage or structured cabling system provides a platform upon which overall data communication systems are built. We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures (usually with CAT5e cable or CAT6 cable) that support multiple voice, data, video, and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.

We can also help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company or your home office.

Low Voltage Data Cabling Services for the San Francisco Bay Area

BACS offers IT Cabling Services, Telephone Cabling, Computer Network Cabling and much more to get your business hooked-up right. We invite you to find out what makes us the go-to, one-stop low voltage voice & data cabling contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The right network cabling, data cabling or structured cabling plan and installation does make a difference. The key word here is “plan”. You must have a crew with the experience and know-how not only to design and plan a new data cabling installation, but also be able to carry it out flawlessly!

It’s easy for most cabling contractors to get distracted by the overall IT network and forget about the individual components that truly make it work.

Not us.

We realize that your computer network is really only as good as the cables that link it together.

With our cable management expertise, your cable network will be up to the highest standards, your frustration will be minimized, and you will help your employees truly operate as a team, improving company productivity – and your bottom line.

We believe in the quote, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

It’s the approach we take when repairing, replacing, or upgrading your business’ cabling infrastructure.

Where We Serve in Northern California

We are expert data cablers servicing small businesses and larger companies from Gilroy, San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland, Silicon Valley, to the East Bay, Walnut Creek and even Sacramento.

You can trust the expertise of our data cablers to help make sure your data and network cabling and also your telephone cable install is done right the first time. The BACS Consulting Group team provides network cabling services to businesses across the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

We’re licensed low-voltage wiring contractors in the State of California, and provide installation for all types of low voltage data cabling.

In what Bay Area cities can you get our network cable services?

We currently offer services to companies in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Woodside, Portola Valley, Los Altos, Mountain View, Redwood City, San Mateo, San Jose, Sunnyvale, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Types of Low Voltage Cabling

The types of low voltage cabling or network cable used in our structured cabling installations include:

  • Cat3 Data Cabling
  • Cat5 Cable
  • Cat5e Data Cabling
  • Cat6 Cable
  • Cat6e Data Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Ethernet Cable

Low Voltage Cabling Installation

Unlike some data cablers in the San Francisco Bay Area, our entire team is comprised of licensed, experienced cable installers.

We only use the highest quality cable wiring and connectors, ensuring that your business is running at top speed.

Every aspect of your low-voltage cabling installation is tested. And, we won’t leave the project until we are certain that your network is functioning seamlessly.

In addition to installing new network cabling systems, we provide low voltage installation services, cabling repairs & even retrofits in older office buildings.

We can work with your existing cabling infrastructure, improving or upgrading as required to ensure it meets your specifications.

When we visit your business on-site, we stay out of the way to the best of our ability and try to be neither seen nor heard so you can carry on your day-to-day business as usual.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free workplace, so we design your new cabling setup so that you won’t even see — let alone get tripped-up by — your new low-voltage wiring set-up.

Once we’re finished, we clean up quietly and leave your business looking even better than when we arrived. Yes, we try to do our job so well that you won’t even be sure we’ve done anything at all.

The only evidence of our work we leave behind is top quality low-voltage wiring, and lightning fast network speed.

It’s our hassle-free installation process that sets us apart from the other data cabling companies in the Bay Area. Our satisfied clients agree!

Get Your Data Cabling Consultation Now

If you’re ready for grade-A, no-hassle network cabling services, request a consultation by giving us a call at (650) 887-4601 or send us an email at sales@bacsit.com for more info on getting your no-obligation low voltage cabling consultation.

Published on 6th September 2017 by James Berger.