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When looking into investing in Managed IT services, a primary concern is always going to be cost. Let’s go ahead and lay out the most common methods for deciding on managed IT services pricing.

Note: when we reference managed IT solutions, we are referring to a provider supplying IT support for a network, device or users. Management equals technical help and nonstop, 24-hour support.

Per Device Pricing

The “per device” model of managed IT services, probably the most concise, bills consumers per device – desktop, server, or managed network. For example a provider might charge a customer $75 per desktop, $100 per managed network, and $85 per server. The clear nature of this model allows both consumers and providers to reach an easy-to-understand monthly managed IT services bill, while also being able to change that bill with the addition/dropping of a device.

Per User

Also referred to as “per seat”, the “per user” model of managed IT service pricing works with the same basic concept as the “per device” model. Instead of applying a flat fee to a device, however, providers apply a flat fee to each employee utilizing the managed IT services. This keeps monthly managed service bills easy to understand, build, and pay for.


 Tiered managed IT support is probably the most popular managed IT solution. In the tiered model, MSPs (managed service providers) bundle levels of IT support for businesses to determine which level suits their needs. For example, an MSP might offer a standard, silver and gold tier. The standard offer might include managed IT services for desktop and network, the silver support for desktops, networks and virus/adware removal, and the gold tier will include all of the above – plus on-site support matched with 24/7/365 IT support.

Much like the previous two models, the tiered model enables companies to pick and choose what services they need, and for providers to easily bill for those solutions. If a higher or lesser level of service is needed, business can simply change their plan on a monthly basis.

Full Management

Full management is your top-of-the-line option. The full management platform allows a company – typically a larger enterprise with lots of cash on hand – to pay for the full IT support of their provider 24/7/365. Full management would include every level of IT support a provider can supply across an entire enterprise. Instead of charging per device, per seat or in a tiered fashion, the full management platform encompasses every IT issue attributed to the purchased hosting service.

How Much do Managed IT Services Cost?

There really isn’t a definite answer to that question. It’s easier to determine the answer not as a flat cost across all providers, but as an individual pricing model for each separate provider.

An example: if the service level is tiered, Linode might charge $110 per month while Rackspace, for the same tier of IT support, might charge $150 per month. While providers try to outprice one another for similar services, determining the cost of managed IT services is wholly dependent on the individual provider.

The world of Managed IT can be a confusing one. Bay Area Computer Solutions prides ourselves on our ability to speak frankly with businesses looking for IT solutions. Give us a call at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online today to schedule your consultation. We can take a look at your system and work together to decide what options are right for you.

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Published on 17th July 2015 by James Berger.