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You’re On The Move — BACS Is Right There With You!

Mobile technology has become increasingly essential in doing business.

Your employees aren’t sitting at their desks – they’re on the move.

They are out getting new customers, delivering product, and making the deals that will fuel your company for years to come…

And BACS is ready to provide support – wherever they are.

We keep you connected and productive, regardless of your location.

How do we do it?

We leverage a top-end combination of cloud, virtualization, and wireless solutions to give your employees uninterrupted access and seamless synchronization between devices.

After all…

What good is mobility unless you can do work on a device at one location and pick up right where you left off on another device at another location?

It’s that kind of collaborative synchronization that will enable your employees to be more efficient and productive.

But the topic of mobile capability is not complete unless we talk about communication, is it?

Communication is the heartbeat of your organization – and we keep the pulse going!

What is your company without communication?

Dead..that’s what it is…

No one wants that!

This is why the IT professionals of BACS Consulting Group bring powerful, mobile communications tools into play that integrate seamlessly with your existing mobile IT.

  • VoIP
    Utilizing internet-based professional business phone advancements.
  • Office 365
    Engaging with employees, clients, and prospects on the go.
  • Skype for Business
    Face to Face meetings integrated directly into the Office 365 platform.

Work from home!

Work on the road!

Work on vacation in paradise! – You could…but why???


Give us a call at (650) 887-4601. We’ll help you be more productive on the go.