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For many business owners and network administrators, we are! Part of our being able to provide the top-notch cyber security services we do is through supporting network security tools like NetWatcher. Our technical knowledge of this network management tool makes us the best NetWatcher support company in the Bay Area for small businesses and mid-sized operations.

Below, we’ve provided answers to some key NetWatcher FAQs:

Can your NetWatcher support help keep us free from malware?

Absolutely! NetWatcher, as you may know, keeps IT networks free from all strains of malware, including:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan Horses
  • Spyware & Adware
  • Rootkits
  • Botnets

And, we will, of course, do 24/7 network scanning for you to determine if/when any malware programs have infiltrated (or attempted to infiltrate) your network and halt them in their tracks.

What type of malware remediation or removal can NetWatcher perform?

NetWatcher has the ability to remove:

  • TweakBit Software
  • Adware, with Xplode AdwCleaner
  • Malware with Malwarebytes Antimalware and SurfRight HitmanPro
  • Spyware and PUPs, and more.

What can you tell me about NetWatcher in general?

NetWatcher is a Managed Detection & Response Platform (MDR). MDRs are generally used to go the next step in managing a company’s network security.  If you need more than a managed firewall and anti-virus (and you do) and want someone to watch over the network 24/7, then our NetWatcher support is for you.

If you need to meet regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, NIST 800-171 etc. and are required to do “continuous monitoring”— NetWatcher tech support companies in the Bay Area like BACS are also for you.

Many business owners are getting pressure from their customers as well to have a more secure environment when storing/managing their customers’ data (i.e. Law firms, Tax firms, Healthcare facilities, State & Local governments etc.) so, as a compliance-readiness tool, NetWatcher can work wonders.

The good news is NetWatcher was designed from the ground up to be easier to install, easier to use, more accurate, and more affordable than all other security products/platforms and services on the market!

Can you describe some of the other notable NetWatcher features?

Well, for one, installation of NetWatcher Cloud EndPoint is easy!  On a Windows machine (server, desktop or laptop) you can now run the NetWatcher Cloud Endpoint service to increase the situational awareness picture of your network’s security.

The NetAgent comes at no cost and provides the base asset information (IP Address, MAC address, HostName) for the computer that it is communicating to the NetWatcher service.  You can also purchase additional modules that can run within the NetAgent as well as any NetWatcher equipment through our local point of contact.

Awesome! When can I get a NetWatcher tech support consultation?

Right away! Just call BACS today at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online for more info on how our NetWatcher support company in the Bay Area can help keep you optimize your company’s cyber and network security from end to end!

Published on 31st May 2017 by James Berger.