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San Francisco Bay Area Computer ServicesIt’s #MeetOurTeam Monday!  Today we’d like to introduce you to Nigel Perez.

Nigel is our Manager of Technical Services, and has 18 years of I.T. experience under his belt! His favorite part of working at Bay Area Computer Solutions is the opportunity to work with so many great people, from his co-workers to his clients.

In his free time, you can probably find Nigel hanging out with his family, watching YouTube tutorials, listening to Queen’s “Don’t stop me now”, and chowing down on Tacomania.

As a child, Nigel always dreamed of becoming an Airforce Pilot, and he’s always wanted to travel to London, England. If he won the lottery, he would take all of his clients on a cruise! Like most of us, the electronic device Nigel cannot live without is his phone.

Fun facts about Nigel:
The fictional character he best relates to is Super Mario, and if he could choose any superpower, it would be Technokinesis, the power to manipulate technology.

Nigel’s advice to anyone wanting to accomplish their goals is to just simply keep trying and never give up! When asked what was the most rewarding things he has ever accomplished, he said, “Being a supportive loving husband and father is the most rewarding thing anyone can accomplish!”

Nigel’s words of wisdom for everyone come from none other than Master Yoda: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Follow Nigel on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigel-perez-60936310

Published on 6th November 2017 by James Berger.