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You Are Likely More Vulnerable Than You Think!

Nobody’s system is 100% secure, but is yours even 75% secure?

How do you know?

Vulnerability testing is the only way to determine your business’ readiness to ward off a cyber-crime attack.

These business-busting attacks are on the rise.

Companies both large and small are waking up to find themselves the newest victims of ransomware or worse.

It’s terrible.


We will help you!

We will show you weak points you don’t know about.

We’ll outline the steps necessary to close the loopholes that criminals can exploit in your systems.

In short…

We’ll leverage our cyber-security expertise to keep you safe and productive.

How does it work?

We do a comprehensive Security Audit – mapping out your vulnerabilities.

We put together a Security Plan to strengthen weak spots and create security best practices for your business.


We implement those recommended security measures – so you’ll have the peace of mind that your system is secure.

What to expect.

We’ll give you a call to discuss your situation.

If a Security Audit makes sense for you, we’ll schedule time for a FREE on-site consultation.

After the initial consultation, we’ll discuss next steps which may include a proposal for a detailed Security Audit and Action Plan.

There is NO CHARGE for the proposal.

The cost for the detailed Security Audit and Security Plan varies depending on the size of your business and the types of technology in use.

Take this easy first step toward protecting your business, your employees, your investment, and your future.

Call us now at (650) 887-4601 or send an email to sales@bacsit.com. We can help!