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Network downtime and lack of access is not an option for any successful business.

The BACS Consulting Group team works behind the scenes to deliver healthy network functionality.


So you can get rid of your IT headaches and stresses and focus on running your business!

After all…

You want your IT to work at top speed – giving your business the competitive edge it needs in today’s marketplace.

So, whether you are just getting started and need a professional to set up an entirely new network, or you need support for your existing business, we’re the IT partner for you!

Now you’re asking…

What’s so important about having the right network configuration and maintenance?

The answer to your question is summed up in two words – mobile productivity.

Times have changed.

Companies are becoming more geographically diverse.


Employees are becoming more effective – thanks to mobile technologies.

But it all has to be seamlessly connected, synchronized, and maintained to work properly.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll link together servers, routers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices to keep your company connected 24/7.

Our full-menu of network support elements give your company:

  • Internet Access

    Internet Access

  • wireless Access

    wireless Access Points

  • Routing


  • Switches


  • Firewalls


  • Cabling


  • Remote Access / VPN

    Remote Access / VPN

  • IP Telephony

    IP Telephony

Have unique network requirements?

No worries!

The BACS Consulting Group team doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” network management mentality.

Our highly trained and experienced team will design, deploy, and maintain a high-performing network that will deliver the connectivity, security and stability your business requires.

After installation, we ensure that your systems are always up and running and that your business is humming.


By providing IT support, security, and network maintenance.

We also provide our maintenance and monitoring services to work with existing networks.

Even if your systems are fully established, we’re ready to step in and provide the support you need, when you need it.

To schedule your consultation, call (650) 887-4601 now or email us at sales@bacsit.com