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Doing business these days demands that companies of any size and shape be hooked-up properly with data network cabling. And, the best way to be connected in this manner is with structured network cabling. Below, we’ve provided the top 5 benefits of structured network cabling, plus a few other advantages that BACS can deliver with one of our network cabling service packages:

  1. Higher ROI for your Company

A structured cabling system unifies your IT network for data, voice and video. That unified structure reduces the need for updates and lowers your maintenance costs. Additionally, any additions, moves or changes can be made within the system with ease, saving your company both time and money.

  1. Simpler Management.

With structured cabling, you won’t need to continually call on a big team to keep your data center cabling under control, as it can be administered and managed by minimum staff. And, when changes do need to be made to the system, they can be done in a faster, more efficient way, with minimal disruption.

  1. Your IT Infrastructure Will Be More Expansion-Ready.

Structured cabling exhibits high bandwidth, which means it will be able to support future applications or add-ons. These add-ons can include multimedia or video conferencing, with little interruption to your current system. As a result, you can be assured your system won’t become prematurely dated. Using structured wiring allows your system’s infrastructure to adapt to your future telecommunication requirements.

  1. More Flexibility Within Your System.

Handling multiple wiring systems can be difficult. A structured cabling system, however, consolidates your wiring system into a single infrastructure that transfers data in multiple formats. This flexibility also makes the system easy to dismantle and move to a new location if needed.

  1. Aesthetics.

Where aesthetics enters into the equation, structured cabling creates a cleaner, more un-cluttered look than a point-to-point cabling or multiple wiring system. A cabling system plagued with too many wires can slow functionality, but a unified system is more efficient and easy to use.

The benefits of structured cabling simply can’t be underestimated when deciding on the telecommunications network that’s best for your company. To have a simplified system with room for growth, and one that maximizes functionality, saving your business both time and money, structured cabling is the best way to go.

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Other Advantages of Structured Cabling

And, there are other advantages to having structured cable powering your network, such as:

  • Future upgrades are supported, and the modular design makes moves, add-ons, and changes simple.
  • Installation time is reduced – as efficient changes and upgrades are allowed.
  • Cabling bulk and congestion is also reduced. An organized and planned infrastructure allows for the use of smaller diameter trunk cabling and cleaner cable management.
  • Structured cabling improves airflow, and the reduced congestion decreases the chances for blocked airflow and crushed cables.
  • Power and cooling usage and their attendant cost is also reduced, which is yet another attractive sales point for businesses looking to trim costs.

Experience the BACS Network Cabling Difference

“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Maybe you’re familiar with this quote. It’s the seamless approach we like to take when repairing, replacing, or upgrading our clients’ cabling.

Like most of the cablers you’ll find, our team is comprised of licensed, experienced cable installers. But, perhaps unlike all cablers, we only use the highest quality cable wiring and connectors, ensuring that your data network is always running at peak performance.

Every aspect of your cabling infrastructure is thoroughly tested. And, we won’t leave the project until we are certain that your network is functioning flawlessly.

In addition to installing new network cabling systems, we also repair and provide maintenance for existing systems!

What communities do we serve with our network cabling services?

Bay Area Consulting Group provides full-scale data cabling services and support to businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you’re based in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose CA, or you do business in Marin County, we’ll provide you with customized network cabling solutions that will keep your operation running at the highest connectivity and performance levels possible.

What will our structured network cabling installations cost you?

The cost of our structured network cabling installations and service vary from job to job, of course. But, no matter if you’re a startup, small business, or a medium to large enterprise, BACS will perform a quick evaluation of your data network requirements, and provide custom-made network cabling solutions for you based on it, which are also designed to be as budget-friendly as possible.

Ready for a structured network cabling consultation?

If you’re ready for one of San Francisco’s best-structured cabling companies to handle your next cabling installation, then call BACS today! You can reach us at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online for more info on getting the type of data cabling services in the Bay Area that will keep your business optimally connected and have you reaping all the benefits of structured network cabling!

Published on 28th July 2017 by James Berger.