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Cloud ComputingAs you might already know, the Bay Area Computers staff has been encouraging clients to move away from office-based backup systems and onto cloud platforms that save their most important data and files. But, if you’ve been relying on a set of tape drives or other similar backup methods for a number of years, you might be wondering whether it’s a change you really need to make.

Is there really that much benefit to a cloud backup system?

In our minds, it’s a choice that couldn’t be clearer. To help you understand why, here are the four biggest and most important reasons to ditch your in-office backup drives and choose a cloud backup system to replace it:

  1. Cloud backup systems offer better protection. It’s great to have an extra drive in your office, but what happens if a fire, flood, or other minor disaster damages your facility? If and when that day comes, we promise you’ll be glad to have your files stored in a safe, remote location that’s far from the damage.
  2. You’ll get continuous backups of your files. Most companies with in-office backup systems make extra copies of their files at regular intervals, such as once every couple of weeks. But, what happens if data is lost in the meantime? With the cloud backup system, your files are saved continuously, so you don’t have to worry about losing weeks and weeks of work, or billing records, just because a hard drive fails.
  3. Cloud-based backup systems are more secure. When you back your files up to a cloud system, they are transmitted through an encrypted connection to a facility with top-of-the-line servers, power backup, and on-site security. In other words, they are far safer than they would be in your own office or facility, where you are one act of theft or vandalism away from having the wrong people get access to important information.
  4. Cloud backups are incredibly cost-effective. We saved the best for last. Not only do cloud backup systems allow you to do more, but you can pay less at the same time. That’s because cloud systems operate on a low monthly fee subscription model that doesn’t require you to keep buying costly equipment year after year. The result is big savings from your IT budget.

Instead of giving you even more reasons that cloud backups make so much sense, we’ll simply tell you that we can’t think of any good reasons not to store your most important files online in a more secure setting.

To learn a bit more, or ask questions you might have about cloud backups, simply call us at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online today!

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Published on 13th April 2015 by James Berger.