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Diverse Career Paths Give BACS Leaders Unique Insights

Leadership at BACS Consulting Group, IncWith business clients all over the nation, BACS Consulting Group provides comprehensive IT support, handling everything from network cabling to virus protection with an expert eye. The company’s leaders, Jeremy Kushner (Chief Executive Officer), Mike Kushner (Chief Commercial Officer), and James Berger (Chief Information Officer), all came to the IT world via very different paths, and their journeys have uniquely prepared them to meet the technology needs of businesses of all sizes.

The story starts with brothers Jeremy and Mike Kushner. The Kushner family always had PC at home, even during a time when that was an anomaly. Though both brothers enjoyed tinkering with computers, neither initially chose IT as a career path. When it came time for college, Jeremy went into English, and Mike pursued a degree in biochemistry.

Mike: The Cisco Years

After graduating, Mike decided that the biochemistry path wasn’t for him, so he took some IT classes at a local college. After getting his feet wet at the help desk of a non-profit, he landed a job at Cisco Systems, Inc., now the world’s largest networking company. Within a few years Mike had moved up to Engineering IT (and later a team leader position) during a period of rapid growth for the company. “It was back when Cisco was acquiring a company a week,” Mike recalls. “My team’s job was to go to new sites (varying in size from ten to hundreds of employees), take their infrastructure, and make it part of Cisco’s.”

Mike traveled to companies all over the world, inspecting their server networks and creating ways to easily assimilate them into a standard system. Not only did he learn the world of servers inside and out (including ways to stop a virus from spreading to thousands of machines at a time), but he became very well acquainted with the technology needs of companies of different sizes.

Eventually Mike took on a completely different role at Cisco, dealing with the business side of things. Through this experience, “I basically got the equivalent of an MBA,” he says. His responsibilities included working through large contracts for companies like Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Dell, IBM and more.

Jeremy: Teacher by Day, IT Support by Night

Jeremy, meanwhile, had been doing his share of world travel. After a decade of teaching English throughout Europe and Latin America, he returned to the States and found a job teaching in a new field: training laypeople how to use software.

Jeremy not only learned the nitty-gritty about software technology, but discovered he could help people with all sorts of computer issues. He started moonlighting in IT and built a customer base that quickly grew. At times he called on his brother Mike to help him keep up, and the two worked in tandem this way for about 10 years.

In 2010, Jeremy took the leap from moonlighting to full time and formally created BACS. As his new business grew, Jeremy needed Mike to help in a greater capacity. Mike found he didn’t have time work with BACS as well his full-time job, and decided that after a successful 14-year career at Cisco, he was ready for a new venture.

BACS grew rapidly, and soon the Kushner brothers were hiring contractors and eventually full-time employees to meet the demands.

James: From Consulting to IT

Like Mike and Jeremy, James Berger took a roundabout path to IT. He had been a consultant for many years, working in firms both large and small, when he decided he needed a change of pace and took a job as an IT director for medical device company. He learned about the tech field and things were going smoothly, but there was one problem: he was bored. “I missed the crazy lifestyle of consulting,” he says.

IT consulting was a natural direction now, but James had developed very high standards. “Customer satisfaction and happiness—that’s easy to do,” he says, but that wasn’t enough. “I don’t want to be just the ‘IT guy,’ but actually a business partner.” To James, it’s vital that an IT partner truly understands what a company does and what their day-to-day challenges are before they can offer worthwhile IT recommendations and support.

When James met Jeremy and Mike, he was impressed with the way they treated their customers. More importantly, they shared his philosophy of really getting to know a business and becoming an invaluable partner. James joined BACS in 2014.

Playing to Their Strengths

Because of the diverse backgrounds of the three leaders, as well as their growing staff of technicians, BACS is now able to handle all aspects of a company’s IT needs, from cabling to data storage to software recommendations. “We do everything, soup to nuts,” Jeremy says. “It’s a true turnkey solution. The customer comes to us and tells us their pain points, and we bring everything under our management. It’s all off their plates so they can focus on business.”

As CEO, Jeremy focuses on running an efficient, well-oiled business, thanks in part to his many years as a solo entrepreneur. His organization skills ensure that BACS runs effectively and that it has the resources to live up to their promise: superior, worry-free IT solutions.

Mike’s background at Cisco means he truly understands enterprise-level technology, from server systems to knowing the best way to get bandwidth to any given building. “I love going into an environment and seeing how I can improve it,” he says. Mike stays on top of all of the technology available to business, particularly when it comes to cabling and software, so he can make well-informed recommendations to clients.

James’ background, meanwhile, makes sales and consulting a perfect fit for him. “I’m most passionate when I’m talking about how we do IT consulting,” he says, and he loves it when BACS technicians really take to heart the idea of partnering with each client. “They learn about the company, take time to understand what they do, really get ingrained into the business.” And the client response is great, James says. “It’s very rewarding.”

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