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Jeremy Kushner, Chief Executive Officer

Bay Area Computer SupportJeremy has nearly two decades of IT experience and co-founded BACS with his brother Mike after his solo IT project grew exponentially. Today Jeremy takes pride in the fact that BACS has the resources to offer businesses a truly comprehensive IT solution that handles everything they need, from cabling to data management to virus protection.

As CEO, Jeremy focuses on running the business as efficiently as possible and making sure that BACS delivers superior, worry-free IT service to all of their clients throughout the United States.

Before entering the world of IT, Jeremy earned Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Education. He spent several years teaching in Europe and Latin America. He maintains an active lifestyle that includes hiking, tennis, cycling and martial arts, and he is passionate about good food and good wine.

Michael Kushner, Chief Commercial Officer

Bay area computer servicesWith more than 20 years of enterprise-level IT experience, Mike is an expert on finding the best technology solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. During his 14-year career at Cisco Systems, he learned the world of server management inside and out, traveled to companies around the world, and built connections with major software and hardware suppliers including Dell, IBM, Oracle and more.

Mike describes himself as a nerd at heart, and enjoys staying on top of the latest technology trends, especially SD-WAN technology (finding the best way to get Internet networks into physical spaces). He’s passionate about using his expertise to help BACS clients find the best technology solutions for the best price.

Mike is a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Outside of BACS, you’ll find Mike racing and repairing RC cars and enjoying time with his two children.

James Berger, Chief Information Officer

Bay Area Technology ManagementJames came to BACS with a long career in the consulting industry, where he learned to truly listen to and understand the needs of his clients. He has also served as the IT Director at Myoscience, a successful medical device business, managing all of their technology needs. James chose to join BACS because of their shared vision of how best to serve businesses.

James interacts with clients in both a sales and account management role. He believes it’s vital that an IT partner truly understands a client’s business on a meaningful level, giving them the ability to recommend custom technology solutions that solve real day-to-day challenges.

For more than 14 years, James has also served as the football coach at his hometown high school. He’s passionate about helping teens develop athletic skills, but more importantly encouraging them to be positive influences in their school, families, and community.