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Of all the important business technologies there are to worry about, perhaps none are as important — or overlooked – as email is. In virtually every company, from the smallest to the largest, email is the single default method of communication, more valuable to your employees than even the telephone or printed mail.

Given that most organizations come to a grinding halt without email access, doesn’t it make sense to get the best email hosting you can?

Although good business sense suggests that a company should do everything it can to get the most out of email, the reality is that it’s a bit like web hosting — an afterthought for most owners and executives, which leads to them choosing the lowest-cost option, instead of the most cost-effective one.

For that reason, we often talk to our new clients about hosted exchange email. In essence, it’s a platform that allows you to have your own dedicated server (or virtual server) for your company’s emails. In business terms, that means you can get more from your email package, including:

Better email speed and reliability. Most small companies that rely on POP email systems – or worse, email hosted through Gmail or other public services – have become accustomed to slow delivery, daily message limits, and regular email outages. With hosted exchange email, these issues are incredibly rare, so you can put your focus back in your business.

Improved antivirus and anti-spam features. As a rule, hosted exchange email tends to process requests, spam filters, and security updates more efficiently than public servers do, so fewer “problem” messages get through. In addition, a hosted exchange package lets you customize your settings so you can ensure that you’re getting the communications you want without having to worry about everything else.

Real-time synchronization with mobile devices. Perhaps the best feature of hosted exchange servers is that you can link and sync multiple devices together in real time. That means tablets, smartphones, and other email-ready devices can all be updated, so your team is never out of touch.

Access to online folders and more. Beyond the email advantages of a hosted exchange system, there are other benefits, such as the ability to share files and folders. If your team collaborates on large projects or updates files like contracts or proposals together, this could be just as important as improved email functionality is.

As with dedicated hosting packages, hosted email exchange represents a huge upgrade in capabilities for a very small monthly expenditure. In other words, it might be the best IT solution you didn’t even know you needed.

Contact a member of the Bay Area Computers team today to find out more about hosted exchange email and what it can do for your company.

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Published on 22nd July 2015 by James Berger.