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Once upon a time (not so very long ago), PBX systems represented top-of-the-line performance when it came to office telephone solutions. Not only were internal calls a snap, but you could maintain a professional appearance and handle lots of different call volumes with just a few external lines.

But, as with anything in communication technology, what was once the best has become bigger, more expensive, and less efficient than newer methods that have come along. In fact, there is now a way you can keep all of the advantages of your PBX setup, but without the costs and equipment.

The answer we are referring to is called “hosted VOIP,” which you may have heard of already. Basically, it takes advantage of all the benefits of voice over Internet protocol (or VOIP, which allows you to make telephone calls through an Internet connection) and remote hosted servers and software. In other words, you keep all of the good stuff, without having to pay for big pieces of hardware or worry about maintaining them.

And even though companies typically consider hosted VOIP for the bottom-line savings, you’ll get more than a few extra dollars in your business bank account. For example, you’ll get:

Flexibility for remote locations, employees, and vendors. Because incoming and outgoing VOIP calls can be routed through web connections, and not physical phone extensions, you can tie remote workers, vendors, and others together using the same phone number (or phone number system). That way, no one has to know where you’re working at any given moment, and calls can be automatically routed to the correct recipient, no matter where they are.

Scalability to grow your business at any time. Replacing or upgrading a PBX system meant changing out equipment. That, in turn, meant added costs and/or disruptions to your normal telephone service. If you want to grow your business (or telecommunications package) with a hosted VOIP plan, on the other hand, there isn’t any hassle, just a quick call to our offices.

Simpler communication system management. Business owners and managers have enough to worry about without complicated telephone management systems, software interfaces, and hardware configurations to worry about. With hosted VOIP, everything is set up seamlessly, so you never have to worry about the technical details.

Considering that you get all of this for a lower fee, and without giving up any of the functionality you had with your old PBX phone system, the choice to upgrade is an easy one. Why not speak to a member of the Bay Area Computersteam today and see if hosted VOIP is right for your business?

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Published on 28th May 2015 by James Berger.