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What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless is a wireless broadband network technology that involves a point-to-point network connection between two locations. This connection can be from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a subscriber or it can be from one building to another within, for example, a company’s Local Area Network (LAN).

What Can Fixed Wireless Do for Me?

The broadband ISP service described above can be just what the doctor ordered if your home or business location does not have access to copper, cable or adequate DSL service. And unlike satellite Internet, there are no high latency issues with fixed wireless Internet service.

For the growing business, perhaps you’re ready to expand from one building to two. While there is considerable cost involved with wiring two buildings together, or leasing high-speed broadband so that they can be on the same company LAN, fixed wireless broadband connections are much more cost effective.

To connect these two buildings together, you just need some specialized wireless hardware to bridge these two parts of your LAN.

Bay Area Computer Solutions can help you decide if fixed wireless Internet is right for you and can set up fixed wireless for your business LAN. Call or email us to discuss fixed wireless for your business.

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Published on 12th May 2015 by James Berger.