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Business-Class Technology from BACSFor the owner and operator of a Small-to-Medium Business (or SMB), it can be tempting to save a little money by purchasing the kind of internet-connection equipment you’d use at home (such as routers, servers, and email hosting packages), instead of investing in business-class technology. While it will save you a few dollars here and there initially, the average small business owner will end up paying far more in the long run due to dealing with the inefficiencies of personal-class technology.

This holds true for the basic internet connection as well. Although it often seems simple to just opt for the kind of basic cable or DSL lines that we use at home, there are enough differences between personal- and business-class connections that it’s imperative to focus on investing in that business-class technology, at least to start. Here’s why:

Increased speed and greater consistency. Despite the fast speeds that are often quoted by Internet providers for home connections, the reality is that a personal DSL and cable line will often be much slower than advertised during peak data usage times — which unfortunately mostly coincide with those times a small business will need a fast connection the most.

Faster two-way data transfers. While you may not download much while working, any content you need to make available to the public or utilize (such as a video presentation) will require you to send information. Without business-class technology, you may be for long, frustrating waits or a slowed-down office connection in the meantime.

Sharper communications. Especially in the age of growing reliance on Square, Shopkeep, Shopify, and other internet-based credit-card processing programs, it’s incredibly important to have a reliable, fast business web connection. After all, you don’t just use it for email, but for sales, telephone, fax, and online ordering systems.

Improved technical support. Even if you work with a company like BACS, you’ll still be limited when it comes to available service for your internet connection or service provider. A business-class internet plan will get you faster access to a more dedicated team of technical representatives.

Stronger security. Businesses have more sensitive data to protect (and even small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks), and technology designed for business will allow your Internet service provider to keep a closer eye on your connections, in order to look out for suspicious or fraudulent activity.

No data caps. If you have employees who do something as innocuous as just watching a few music video on Youtube in the morning or using streaming services like Netflix or Hulu during slow times of day, you could easily run up against data transfer limits for your home web connection. Once you have several workstations going simultaneously, this could become a serious stumbling block in your businesses’s ability to grow. With a business-class line, however, you can easily gain an unlimited plan and have a greater ability to expand your data usage without trouble.

While it’s not impossible for a small business to avoid relying on the Internet these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Nearly every business would benefit from investment in business-class technology and connections, so it’s important to plan thiings out carefully while building your business. Interested in learning more? We’d be happy to speak with you! You can reach us by phone at (650) 887-4601 or contact us online at any time.

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Published on 1st March 2016 by James Berger.