Your IT infrastructure is holding your business back.

Organizations often ignore their IT infrastructure. Some companies do not keep their IT infrastructure up to date as their business grows. Similar to other infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, IT infrastructure requires continuous maintenance and upgrades in order to properly support your business processes and activities.

Ignoring IT infrastructure can cause a number of issues within your business. Competitors can take advantage of this misstep and leave organizations with aging infrastructure behind. When a business is beginning to expand their IT infrastructure, there are many costly mistakes that can be made. Companies should consult an expert in IT infrastructure, such as BACS, to ensure your infrastructure can keep up with the demands of your business. Still, building up your IT Infrastructure can sound like an expense that your business doesn’t want to take on. However, listen to James, CIO of BACS, discuss how small to medium businesses are leveraging tech that was once only available to enterprise level businesses and how they are able to afford the latest technology that will scale and expand their business:

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How Your IT Infrastructure Is Failing Your Business

Outdated and non-optimized IT infrastructure will prevent your business from growing and can cause significant process and performance issues. Some companies may be tempted to patch problems whenever they come up, but over time your IT infrastructure will eventually fail. There are multiple reasons why your company should continually invest in your IT infrastructure.

  • Increased Downtime

    One of the most obvious signs that your IT infrastructure is failing your business is when you begin to see increases in both the length and number of instances of downtime. IT downtime occurs when your network or applications unexpectedly fail, while your business is operating. There are multiple reasons and factors that can cause your IT infrastructure to crash.

    Depending on your business model, any downtime can cause serious business implications. Employees may not be able to perform their daily tasks. Customers may become frustrated, if they cannot access your applications or services. If your business relies on online revenue, you can quickly lose out on customer orders.

    Some organizations can lose millions of dollars each hour that their IT infrastructure is down. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 each minute. Those costs can quickly add up over time. Organizations can avoid IT downtime by ensuring that their infrastructure can handle their daily business operations.

  • Preventing Full Optimization

    IT infrastructures can hold an organization back from reaching its full potential. New technologies and applications may require updated IT infrastructure in order to properly function. Attempting to overload the infrastructure may lead to a host of issues. For example, a company with an outdated IT infrastructure will have to deal with more problems when they move their operations to the cloud.

    Investing in IT infrastructure will allow your organization to create better products and services for your customers. Older IT infrastructure can hamper your team’s ability to keep up with the competition. Employees can be more productive when the proper IT infrastructure is in place. They will be able to access company resources and applications from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Improper IT infrastructure can also lead to more data breaches. About 63% of small and medium sized businesses experienced a data breach in 2019. This number is only going to continue increasing, as cybersecurity attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Investing in IT infrastructure can help prevent data breaches.

  • Rising Costs

    Companies may be unaware of all of the money they are wasting by refusing to upgrade their IT infrastructure. The costs of keeping older IT infrastructure in place can quickly add up. Executives may be hesitant to spend significant capital upfront to upgrade their IT infrastructure, but in the long run most companies will save money.

    The scaling costs of the cloud are evident in startups that attempt to scale rapidly. One startup was in the video encoding and streaming space. Early on in their journey, their team did not properly invest in their IT infrastructure. The company was using Amazon Web Services and spending over $300,000 a month on their cloud infrastructure and services. This model was not sustainable in the long term.

    The startup worked with an IT infrastructure company in order to set up their own infrastructure. Their costs dropped from $300,000 a month to $100,000 a month. Currently, the company spends about $250,000 a month on their IT infrastructure and bandwidth. The Amazon Web Services bill for similar infrastructure and bandwidth would have been over $1,000,000 per month. If the company had properly set up at least some IT infrastructure, they could have avoided their skyrocketing costs altogether.

    Most companies do not have the capabilities to reduce their monthly IT infrastructure bill by hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. This is exactly why some companies outsource this task. BACS can help your organization properly address your IT infrastructure issues.

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Update Your IT Infrastructure With BACS

Updating and optimizing your IT infrastructure is not a straightforward, easy task. You may not have the right skill sets and knowledge in your organization to properly update your IT infrastructure. Thankfully, BACS is here to help you develop a customized IT infrastructure solution that meets your unique business needs. Your team can focus on growing your business, instead of spending countless hours attempting to put proper IT infrastructure in place.

Reach out today to learn more about how BACS can improve your IT infrastructure. Your business can take full advantage of an improved IT infrastructure to take your business to the next level. Our experienced team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding IT infrastructure.

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