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Mobility in Santa Clara

Enterprise mobility is becoming increasingly important as organizations reshape their operations to accommodate a more distributed, remote workforce. At the same time, businesses are quickly implementing new, automated digital technologies to optimize customer engagements and appeal to the needs and desires of a more mobile-centric marketplace.

According to one survey, 70 percent of access to enterprise systems will occur by the mobile device by 2020 (we are there already). As the proliferation of mobile devise continues, businesses are challenged to effectively manage data and applications across disparate platforms and ecosystems.

Few IT departments have the technical expertise to understand every facet of mobility technology planning and deployment. And if your organization is like most, your IT team is already stretched to the limit.

At BACS, we bring deep expertise to the complex world of mobility strategy and management. Our consultants work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current technology infrastructure and capabilities and create a customized mobility roadmap for business success.

Keeping Pace in a Tech Savvy Market

Determining the right mobility strategy and efficiently executing that strategy is essential to creating a mobile-optimized environment and driving business performance. Our consultants help you navigate through today’s complex mobile landscape and provide expert guidance in making difficult investment decisions. With a detailed assessment of your IT environment, our mobility experts will evaluate your strengths and uncover any barriers standing in your way.

BACS applies its knowledge of mobile technologies and platforms across several core disciplines:

  • Remote access: We provide your team with a variety of remote access options based on your specific business needs, including . We make certain you have access to essential resources right when you need them.
  • Security: Remote devices can increase the risk of unauthorized access through a variety of channels– potentially exposing vital corporate data. Our comprehensive approach to security includes multiple levels of protection, from anti-virus detection and encryption to authentication and managed network security services.
  • BYOD: Bring your own device trends add a new dimension to IT security efforts, intensifying the need for robust governance and compliance policies. BACS can help you manage these growing endpoints while optimizing end-user convenience, security, and compliance.
  • System integration: Legacy systems and databases can be systematically integrated, along with management services for cloud infrastructure that deliver value and provide a level of independence to the mobility business model.

Integrating mobility into your business requires a deep understanding of how this capability can help drive productivity while providing the framework to remain agile and competitive in the age of digital. From choosing the right application software and connectivity solutions, to optimizing workforce uptime, proper mobility execution and management requires business planning expertise and technology know-how.

BACS works closely with you to identify your most pressing needs and then creates a strategy to efficiently and securely meet those demands. We weave our insights and recommendations them into a personalized mobility plan designed to drive more productivity, improve customer engagement, and enable secure, flexible access to data and devices.

Our team of mobility experts will help you:

  • Research, evaluate and refine your technology and deployment options, saving you time and money while mitigating risks
  • Identify the right engagement channels for your environment and effectively integrate them into your existing infrastructure
  • Evaluate existing mobility service plans, assess workflow patterns, and review existing security and BYOD policies.
  • Plan, manage, and conduct BYOD training and security practices.

Accelerating Performance at the Speed of Business

In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, you need a strategy that can handle all contingencies. BACS consultants are well versed in the importance of integrating mobility into your overall business strategy in a way that drives results while ensuring the flexibility to evolve with your business.

Businesses will often look to the latest technologies that will deliver the fastest return on investment. This approach can work in the short term, but without proper planning IT teams find themselves struggling to manage an unwieldy infrastructure.

A sound technology plan defines what needs to be done, in what order and how the success of the plan will be measured. It also outlines actions where technology can add business value and how and where the business can gain a competitive edge through the intelligent use of technology and telecom assets.

Mobile technology can change and evolve quickly, so it’s important to ensure you’re providing the right capabilities in the right channels.

We explore your current technologies, where they are deployed and what investments should be considered strategic. You’ll get a defined technology roadmap that charts the direction of your mobility strategy, including expected growth, ease of use, cloud consideration, data security, and business priorities.

BACS will help you define the role that mobility will play in transforming your business. We identify your most pressing technical and organizational barriers and work with you to develop a plan that meets your unique goals and objectives.

A business-aligned mobility strategy provides a long-term vision, taking into account that changes are achieved through a series of milestones, objectives, and goals. The strategy will provide clear direction for how to:

  • Optimize business processes to accommodate an increasingly mobile landscape
  • Put customer needs and preferences at the forefront of your mobility goals
  • Address the mobility demands of individual business units
  • Lay the foundation to safeguard business data and assets
  • Ease the complexity of acquiring devices and evaluating carrier plans and services
  • Strengthen the skills and resources of internal staff and users
  • Manage ongoing software updates, technology deployment, and support
  • Optimize telecom infrastructure while balancing expenses and risk with productivity and growth

Charting a Course Toward Digital Transformation

In an era where technology often drives business growth, staying on the cutting edge is more critical than ever. A calculated, strategic approach to mobility planning can help keep your business agile, competitive and secure.

At BACS, our focus is on helping you effectively manage and support your IT operation for continuous improvement. Our flexible delivery models are designed to meet your specific needs while minimizing the impact on your business.

Businesses need to understand not only what technology they are implementing but why, and what the best options are for continued growth. Sound mobility infrastructure planning will allow you to more easily adapt to shifting business needs or new strategies, whether it’s geographic expansion, launching new products and services, or making decisions around mergers and acquisitions.

You can count on BACS to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your business, your people and your goals
  • Advise you on how to best optimize the value of your technology investments
  • Identify and outline every strategic and business advantage we can find
  • Be your trusted partner for IT strategy and technology decisions

We leverage our strengths and connections in the mobile solutions world to help you reduce costs, so you can provide your business units, employees, and partners with the right ways to stay connected in an evolving mobile landscape.

Contact us for more information on our enterprise mobility management solutions and services.

Gaining a Technology Advantage

Innovation can transform your business and elevate your performance, but navigating technology isn’t always easy. Through experience, focus and discipline, BACS has honed its skills to identify the best path to success. We have deep experience helping companies of all sizes make the right technology decisions.

Our team of consultants will help you:

  • Define and clarify your vision and strategic imperatives
  • Analyze and identify opportunities, risks, and weaknesses in your technology environment
  • Prioritize decisions based on your unique business goals and objectives
  • Leverage technology and internal resources for optimum efficiency and scale
  • Meet industry standards of compliance, security and uptime

The benefits of a well-planned enterprise mobility strategy are clear, including increased productivity, lower operational costs, and the ability to quickly grow new revenue streams. According to one survey, businesses that implement mobility plans have an average 150 percent return on investments. With the right mobility guidance and support, your business will be ideally positioned to gain competitive advantage against those that lag behind.

BACS is diligent in its effort to help you get more from your people, processes, technology and budget. We help you take full advantage of the opportunities a mobile-optimized infrastructure enables, whether it’s growing revenue, capturing market share, or enhancing the customer experience.

Working with BACS you’ll gain:

  • Better workforce engagement and collaboration
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Lower costs and better asset utilization
  • Greater portability and availability of applications and data
  • Seamless, secure content sharing
  • Employee empowerment

Not all mobility service providers are created equal and choosing the wrong one could prove costly. As your business needs change and grow, more focus is needed to ensure that technical delivery functions and IT services are designed, implemented, managed and controlled in a consistent manner. Selecting a service provider that can deliver the range of capabilities you need is critical.

With the number of mobile users continuing to skyrocket, businesses without a mobility strategy are at a major disadvantage. BACS consultants consistently track mobility trends to recommend the best solutions for your unique requirements. We help you define your IT goals, map out the best strategy, and assist you with execution.

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