When Your Construction Firm Is Ready For The Best In Managed IT Services in the Bay Area

IT Services for Construction in Santa Clara

We here at BACS IT are well aware of how complex construction management can be. There’s plenty of moving pieces and it’s not just your reputation at risk.

We also know margins can be razor thin and something unforeseen always seems to pop up.

What we do, is make sure the one thing you can depend on is your network.

All of your pieces of smart hardware need to hum, your teams need to stay connected and on the same data point – and that data needs to be secured and stay that way. This is what we do.

Integrating systems, software, mobile, and cloud services can be a pain in the neck, or next to impossible to handle on your own. And when you’re ready to grow, in one area or another- then what? Do you hire an I.T. pro and keep them on staff full-time?

Or do you outsource to professionals who know you, your network and can identify your needs before you do?

IT Support For Construction Companies

If you don’t win, neither do we. We completely understand the complexities that construction firms face. Technology is supposed to make that easier, more efficient- and that’s where we help you shine.

You breathe concrete, and we breathe tech. Once we start fully integrating your systems, data, specialized hardware, and software- you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done before working with us.

Our simple philosophy puts you first and our services, only a phone call away. Our history with, and understanding of the construction industry backs that statement up- 100%.

Your System’s Scalability

What happens when you get bottle-necked on a job site? It can be devastating. Your teams can’t move forward because, for one reason or another, the previous stage hasn’t wrapped.

We want to head that problem off for you in whatever way we can. When it comes to all the parts and pieces of your network, we’ll do our best to anticipate possible faults, while keeping a vision to your growing needs.

As a competitive company, you should always be free and ready to take your business to the next level or update soft/hardware seamlessly- with minimal disruption to your network and end-users.

Local, Cloud-Based, or Hybrid Data Management

Whether your business is using a local computer to store all of your business data, or some things are held on the ‘cloud’ (a hybrid model), or your business runs entirely from the cloud, we here a BACS have you covered.

We do offer cloud assessment services. E.g. how might your business be better served by migrating everything off of your local computers/server and taking it to the security, and seamless, infinite scalability of the cloud? This is what we can help explain to you.

Or, maybe you’ve had a computer crash, we also offer data recovery services.

Cloud-based construction project management software and ‘cloud-based construction estimating software are pretty much the standard now. If your company’s not there yet, someday you’ll need to be.

So it’s better to start working with the right people to make that migration for you, even easier than you might’ve expected.

More about our cloud services can be found here.

Mobility and Freeing Your Team In The Field

For the most part, you and your team will agree that technology is pretty amazing. Sure, there are some bugs and gaffs at times, but for the most part, it does make our lives easier.

You might remember the days of drafting estimates with carbon paper? And then sending it somewhere, to some physical address?

Now things can move so much faster. With mobile applications for anything from estimating/bidding jobs, to project management and sending full documents to whoever needs to get them. As long as things work right…

Mobility and the cutting of the cords (and carbon paper) has opened up a whole new world for us. Take advantage of it.

If your firm has some issues with application or hardware integrations. We’re here to help. It’s what we do. Give us a call and let us draft a ‘proposal for IT support services, including fulfilling your current and expanding mobile needs.

Learn more about our Mobility Services here.

BACS IT Commercial Construction Managed IT Services

What This Means For Your Company and Its Growth

We get the same satisfaction from building and maintaining secure networks, cloud applications, and systems- as you do from seeing a finished project from the ground up. One thing is certain, they both usually start with a good team, and are built on a solid foundation.

Just so you know, we do offer free system assessments and consultations. Also, if you need it, ‘hourly IT services are available.

We’re happy to discuss your digital needs and take a holistic approach to your business, with a clear understanding of your goals.

Security / Data Recovery / Video Surveillance

At BACS IT, we offer ‘free IT security assessments. We do this so that you have a clear understanding of what is at risk, or where your pain points are in your business’s data management.

It’s a complicated world out there, and just like you have an alarm on your car, if your data is not soundly protected, there’s a lot to lose.

Additionally, if all of your business’s information is held locally, on a lightly secured server, or simply on a stand-alone computer, there’s plenty at risk. So, no matter the size of your network, or your ambitions to grow, let us take a look and see how we could shore up your system’s security.

Video surveillance isn’t normally associated with IT firms, but as a construction-related firm with assets out there in the field, you probably already incorporate some sort of camera system.

Are there ways that you’d like to improve, or harden the above-mentioned systems? This is what we do, and we do it well.

  • Learn more about our Data Security here.
  • Data Recovery services here.
  • Effective Video Surveillance here.

Services and Specialized Application Integration

This is one area of managed I.T. services for construction firms that can get very complicated. To state the obvious, your business has a lot of moving pieces and for a construction company to be successful, all of those have to be well-managed.

To add to that complexity, the integration of your chosen pieces of smart-hardware, choosing and running applications you like, can soon end up being a patchwork of data streams.

Somehow, all of that has to get back to base-central and make sense.

This is where we come in and not only make things as simple- but as practical as possible. After all, it doesn’t do your business any good to have team members wrestling with the tech, rather than putting it to good use, and making your business money.

Examples of Services Offered

Job Estimating and Bidding Applications

We’re familiar with the most common estimating/bidding applications/software and how those integrations work in conjunction with other pieces to effectively manage your data and win bids.

Construction Financial Software

It’s a numbers game. Financial software and analysis can be tedious, but the information is power and so is staying in the black.

Dispatch Operations

Dispatch. Getting them the information they need to get to where they need to be when they need to get there, is important. So are last-minute changes. Smooth communications without costly delays, belay cascading problems, and lost money.

Project Management Tools

Cost management. Staying abreast of costly/detrimental overruns is key to sticking within the margins. Construction firms need to stay competitive at all times, so properly manage your projects with the right tools for your company.

Finally Eliminating Your IT Hassles

Smooth, reliable integrations of your information to where you keep it secure, is what we do. Whether you’ve got a local, cloud, or hybrid system, we keep your information safe and moving for you.

All of this holistically allows you to focus on what you do best, grow your business.

When Your Work Is Done For The Day

It’s time for you to relax. You’ve worked hard. Rest assured, our systems don’t sleep. Whether it’s the protection of your data that is most important, or you’d like electric eyes on your main office, we can handle the full scope of your network, data protection, and security needs.

Long-term Relationships

We at BASC IT pride ourselves on the long-term relationship we foster with our clients. Your success means we’re doing something right, in supporting the technology that is in place to keep you and your teams productive.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a team out at a remote site, or just around the corner. It’s our job to help keep all of your systems running at full throttle. You’ve enough unexpected situations to deal with, so we’ll do everything we can to make sure your network isn’t one of them.

Testimonials For IT Services

Feel free to take a look at what some of our clients have had to say about us. Most we’ve had for more than a few years. These relationships are important to us.

As their businesses continue to grow, it’s our objective to keep serving them to the best of our ability.

IT services testimonials and client feedback can be found here.

When You’re Ready To Talk With Us…

…we’re ready to talk with you! It’d be our absolute pleasure to answer any questions you might have and run a free assessment of your business’s current network.

Of course, if you’d like to make changes, or know more about where the industry is heading, we’d be happy to work with you in any way we can.

Contact us at (650) 600-3407  or

Would You Like to Discuss IT Services For Your Business?

BACS Consulting Group is here to be your trusted team of technology professionals.

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