Working With Us

Would You Benefit from a Relationship with BACS?

If you work for a small to medium sized business who needs an IT partner with years of experience, fantastic customer support, and customized IT services to meet your needs, partnering with BACS could provide significant benefits.

If you want someone that can come in and help when a computer malfunctions, have only one or two employees, or are looking for software installations, partnering with BACS would likely not provide many long-term benefits to your company.

Why / Why not

Why Choose Us?

People First

The people we work with at BACS are not just a number or account to us. We get to know each business. It is vital to us that we listen to your needs and meet or exceed your needs with the services we provide.


People and businesses change, grow, and take on new roles. That means you need flexible services that are agile enough to adapt as you need them to. Our IT services are always custom to your specific needs.

Years of Experience

One year of MSP experience is more like 1.5 years of traditional IT experience, which we rely on to help keep your business safe. We are certified to guide you to the best solutions to fit your business’ needs..

Growth Strategy & Consulting Partner

Want help strategizing a growth plan? You need an experienced IT partner to help make that your reality. Let us help improve efficiency, productivity, and scale your business safely.

Special Projects

When you roll out a new software, service, or product, you may need someone to step up and help your employees or customers. We offer support to assist your staff with the overload until it dies down.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t like something about working with us? We offer a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to try our services without worries about being stuck in a contract for the next 5 or 10 years.

Why Not Us?

You’re Looking for the Low Cost Provider

If you want cheap IT services, then you are not likely going to benefit from a BACS partnership. Our rates are comparable to other IT services providers, but we charge fair rates for the work we provide.

You’re a Home Office

Businesses with only one or two employees, or an entrepreneur working from home, are typically not large enough to benefit from a BACS partnership. However, if you like our services, we can always talk!

You Only Want Fixes

Here at BACS, we want to help with more than the occasional computer problem. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients to help with all their IT needs for years to come.

Relationships do not Matter

We consider it vital to get to know each customer we partner with. We want to know their needs, wants, and goals. That helps us align them with the services they need to help them reach those goals.

What is your Role?

CEOCEO / Owner: Decision Maker

As the CEO, you have a significant responsibility to protect your company, clients, and data. You need to trust that a company you partner with will be there when you need it.

CFOCFO / Consultant: Trusted Advisor

As the CFO, you need to do your due diligence and research the best IT consultants around. You want to guide your company to a brighter future while maintaining safety.

COOCOO / IT Manager: Technical Lead

As the IT manager, you know IT. You need help managing the devices, systems, hardware, software, and more. You need someone to have your back and keep up with your needs.

ManagerOffice Manager: Problem Solver

As the office manager, you need to problem solve. What you want is someone that is there when anything goes awry that can jump in, fix the issue, and keep everything moving.

Working with BACS

Picking a managed IT services company means working with a company you rely on and trust to keep your business safe. It is not a simple decision to be made lightly.

1. Learn Learn“What Do I Need?”

Decide what you need. Look objectively at your business. How can you keep your information and devices safe?

2. Decide Decide"Who's my best choice?"

Compare your options. Find an IT company that suits your specific needs. Use the “How to Choose an IT Provider” whitepaper to help evaluate!

3. Relax Relax"I'm in Good Hands"

You did it! You made the best decision for your company, and know your business, employees, and customers are safe.

4. Grow Grow"Focus on the Business"

Protection gives you an edge – use it! Increase efficiency, productivity, and thrive. Set new business goals and reach them!

Quick, Reliable Response Helped a Local Company Scale Almost Overnight

Recently, BACS worked with a company called EARGO. We helped them with infrastructure installation and scaling to help them gain increased efficiency in a matter of days. Our recommendations and reliability allowed them to drive business and expand very quickly and successfully. Read on to find out more!

Eargo Case Study
BACS Consulting

We Love Helping Businesses Just Like Yours

Having an amazing customer experience starts with listening to you and having solutions that work for you.

A year and a half ago we called BACS and got Matt. We needed him again and today he showed up and did a great job, again. He wasn’t cheap, and neither was the work. They do come to your place.

Roger E.
Santa Clara, CA

Mike and laptop specialist Brent were showed what great customer service and technical expertise is all about. …This is a place that values its customers. Just make sure that you ask enough questions that you understand the services, costs, and any options that might be delivered. If you’re not sure, or you don’t understand, ask again. Establish a good working relationship and realistic expectations and you’ll be treated fairly.  A great experience, thank you!

Roger D.
Palo Alto, CA

Todd Stock of BACS is exceptionally knowledgeable on both PC and Mac. He got my systems humming in reasonably short order and he is very responsive to my requests for assistance.
In addition, I have used Mike Kushner who is very knowledgeable and personable. He has treated me very fairly in allowing me to return a phone system I purchased through him which I did not like.
I would recommend them to anyone who needs professional help with their computer systems.

Weldon W.
Redwood City, CA

Highest recommendations! Our iMac started shutting down unexpectedly, and we had a few network configuration problems, so we called BACS. Made an appt for the next day and Todd came right on time. What an absolute pleasure to deal with this firm on all levels. Todd was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and polite… My wife and I have been in high tech for 20+ years, and it’s not frequent that you find service of this high caliber. He did in an hour what I’ve been “attempting to get around to doing” do in a couple months. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Anthony P.
Post Falls, ID

Highly recommend BACS to anyone in the Bay Area. When a computer challenge occurred, I had no idea where to begin to look for help. … BACS stood out, although I did call a few others as well. I called on a Sunday afternoon, left a message, not expecting a return call until the following week. I got a call back w/in an hour from Mike at BACS. …The next day, [they] solved my issue w/ ease… while my computer stayed in my home! I am one very pleased customer!
The next week, other companies I had called did call me back… I was quoted hundreds of dollars more than what I paid and days or weeks of being w/out a computer since I would ‘need to bring it in for evaluation’.

Lori B.
Pleasanton, CA

I have been using BACS since 2003. The quality of service they provide can be seen in the substantial growth in their staff.

[I had] a problem with my laser printer: the distributor cancelled the order after Jeremy spent 1 1/2 hrs. getting product, and installation didn’t happen till 1/13. Other issues ensued with the 3 devices: IPAd ~ I3 ~ Android on that day. I was upset that the call took a long time ($$$). Although Jeremy worked with me and issued gave me a credit. Win – Win!

Julie S.
San Jose, CA

When we had computer issues we called Mike from BACS, our network totally crashed and we ended up fine once BACS came over. Thanks!

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Thanks, Jeremy Kushner. If anyone reading this could use some remote IT support, I know a guy. Such a solid crew over there at BACS. Before they sorted out our email configuration, the most emails we had been able to send was 241. Wow…

Jonathan Dale

5 Star+ service and beyond. BACS is the place to go for all your IT support need. They have the infrastructure and unparalleled up-to-date technology experience to go with their uber friendly staff!! 

John Yu, Operations Manager
Scott Cole & Associates, APC

Our company of 100+ employees uses BACS for managed services and break/fix support. We love their attention to detail and the urgency behind their support. This is a top-notch operation.

Reggie Clanky

Best vendor selection we ever made! This is a professional and reliable IT Support vendor. They support me remotely yet it feels like they are right next door. They do what they say they will do!

Bryan Fisher, Director
Alliance Health Care

…If I ever have a computer problem again, I know that they will be the first people I contact. Not only are the less expensive than lesser services, they are both dedicated and helpful.

Jenn S.
San Francisco, CA

…Their Tech’s work was brilliant, I completely trust them and will recommend them to anyone who needs computer help.

Mila V.
Menlo Park, CA

…I’ve dealt with other IT consultants, and BACS is far superior. Their people are highly knowledgeable and they really go the extra mile for clients.

Jill O.
Palo Alto, CA

My experience with the Techs at BACS were fantastic… They diagnosed and repaired the issue in less than 30 minutes, with no loss of data. Awesome.

Kathryn F.
Palo Alto, CA

…When computer difficulties or changes arise, you just want a service that does what they set out to do. This is one company that actually achieves that goal.