BACS Consulting Joins Biocom California

The BACS Consulting team is proud to announce that we’re the newest member of Biocom California, a globally active nonprofit that supports companies in the biotech sector. As an experienced partner of many biotech businesses, BACS is proud to take this step to cement our connection with the industry further.

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Who Is Biocom California?

Biocom California is an advocacy organization and nonprofit representing biotech and life sciences companies worldwide. They have offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Washington, D.C., and Tokyo. According to their website:

“For years, Biocom California has helped move the life science industry forward with transformative resources that enable companies to make meaningful connections. Biocom California harnesses the collective power and experience of the world’s most innovative and productive life science clusters, with powerful advocacy and transformative programs to help companies in their quest to improve the human condition.”

Their many activities and services help to develop a community within the biotech world, provide valuable resources to help new companies navigate the sector, and provide expert analysis and guidance in recent developments.

Biocom California

How BACS Consulting Supports Biotech Companies

BACS Consulting has been working with biotech companies for years. In that time, we’ve gained extensive experience with the precise work these businesses engage in, and developed true expertise as to how they rely on their IT to remain productive, profitable, and secure.

The BACS team is well-equipped to help these businesses navigate a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our depth of talent and experience in the life sciences sector gives us a distinct advantage, along with our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure every project is done with superior care and attention to detail.

With our diverse talent pool and broad capabilities, BACS can handle biotech companies’ complete IT support needs.

BACS Is Proud To Join Biocom California

The BACS team is looking forward to becoming further ingrained in the biotech world and meeting even more industry members. As a member of Biocom California, we will continue to develop our network of life sciences clients and further hone our expertise in the field.

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