If there’s one technology with widespread benefits across every industry, it’s the cloud. The ability to improve operations while saving costs has companies eager to make this transition and plan to improve their IT infrastructure. However, companies may be too quick to adopt this technology without establishing proper cybersecurity protocols and policies. This leaves businesses vulnerable to vicious attacks from hackers that could leave your business and operations in shambles. Thus, it is imperative that companies educate themselves about potential cybersecurity risks when moving to the cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Broadly, the cloud refers to servers that are accessed over the internet that host software and data that you use for services. Many people may be passively familiar with the cloud because of its rise to prominence in personal usage such as phone storage. People are familiar with the fact that their phone’s photos may be stored somewhere else, and that those can be accessed no differently than if they were saved on your phone just by a simple login. 

For businesses, the cloud offers much more than added phone storage. Entire processes, systems, and applications can be moved to the cloud to improve productivity and reduce downtime. Although it is not without its risks, the cloud is an incredibly valuable tool for businesses to utilize. 

Cybersecurity Weaknesses in the Cloud

As previously mentioned, a challenge that presents itself when you are working with the cloud is the issue of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving battle between hackers and between the people who want to steal your data and the people who want to protect it. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated by the day in their efforts to infiltrate and steal businesses valuable data.

The cloud needs to be secure and maintain a secure lock on the data. It is vital that both the business and the cloud being used are identifying and maintaining the proper security controls necessary to prevent breaches. The cloud provider and the business both have to share in the responsibility of protecting their data and their customers from breaches that can cause issues for their business. For the most part, the benefits almost always outweigh the cybersecurity risks

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Cloud Benefits are Clear


Most businesses will be drawn to the first benefit, cost. This is especially true if you are a small business. For small businesses, it is generally significantly cheaper to use services through the cloud than to spend the money to host servers on their own. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire an entire IT staff to manage their services, let alone defend their data against hackers.

Global Scaling

The cloud also provides a more efficient way to scale your company, as the cloud services are most likely already available at the scale that is required. This will free your business from the burdens of scaling, so your team can focus on building your business. Your cloud provider will be able to help your business meet all of your needs while growing.

Team Performance Through Data Access

Your team will be able to access all of the data and applications that they need to perform their job. As teams become more decentralized, your team members will need to access critical services to keep customers. The cloud will ensure that as long as your employee has internet, they will be able to access the necessary applications and data.


Cloud computing can increase the performance of the services and applications that are vital for your business. Any software application can be updated in real-time whenever there is a need for it, and our business will always have the most up-to-date applications to improve productivity.


Cloud computing also helps to keep a business’ data safe. When working with a service provider, you now have a company whose job it is to protect this priceless information. You can sleep much easier at night knowing your data is protected by the best cybersecurity experts in the world.


Using the cloud will ensure that your business has reliability and speed when you need it the most. Cloud computing will improve your reliability all while decreasing IT and scaling costs.

Even, with all of these benefits, it is necessary to understand exactly what issues can arise from moving to the cloud.

The Cloud Could Result in Cybersecurity Issues

Data Breaches & Government Fines

Data breaches have always been a risk for business well before the cloud existed. Hackers have an even larger opportunity now that businesses are moving rapidly to the cloud. More devices are connected to the internet, which are more potential entry points for hackers to infiltrate your network. This can occur in the cloud if the proper precautions are not established. These data breaches can result in massive government fines.

Outdated Software

This threat is made worse by the fact that outdated third party apps can cause data breaches. An outdated application is another potential entry point for hackers. It is imperative to be sure that the apps you are using in conjunction with your cloud services are up-to-date and secure. The newest application version will patch any known vulnerabilities in previous versions.

Inadequate Training

Lasty, you will have to make sure that your employees are fully trained how to properly use cloud services. Employees are resistant to change and may struggle to adapt to the cloud. If your employees are not using the cloud services to their fullest extent, they will be losing out on all the benefits. Additionally, improperly trained employees could create opportunities for hackers to breach the cloud. Many cloud companies will set up your cloud and leave you and your employees to figure out the rest and vulnerable to hackers.

All of these issues can be handled by a competent cloud hosting organization.

BACS Takes Care of Your Cloud Worries

BACS takes great pride in alleviating concerns that organizations may have involving cloud computing.

Personalized Plans & Data Protection

We work with you to develop a personalized cloud plan that works specifically for your business. No matter if you have 10 or 10,000 employees, BACS will find the plan that fits. The most sensitive data that businesses have can be kept on-site in order to keep data safe and secure. BACS has a high level of encryption on all its data and applications, thus keeping you in and the hackers out.

Up-to-Date Apps & Training

BACS will also make sure that your apps are all up-to-date in order to function at their best and keep your data safe. Your business needs the most up-to-date applications to ensure that hackers cannot exploit weaknesses in versions that are outdated. Most importantly, BACS will ensure that your employees are trained to properly use the cloud computing tools at their disposal in order to work as effectively as possible. Your employees will know exactly how to utilize all of your cloud capabilities.

Cloud computing offers businesses numerous advantages in their operations and the ability to safely store their data. It empowers businesses to grow faster and more seamlessly while implementing the technology it needs to do so. If your business does not adopt the cloud, then you are quickly falling behind your competitors. Reach out to BACS today to learn more about how our cloud solutions can take your business to the next level. Your data will be safely in the hands of our experts who can defend against the most sophisticated cybersecurity attacks

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