Prevention is always better than cure. This statement might sound like a cliché, but preventing a disaster is much better than dealing with the repercussions. Mobile Computing is no different. It is essential to put stringent security measures to avoid a disaster of your computer systems.

Mobile Computing, also known as wireless computing, is an impressive technology that permits computer transmission of data wirelessly or via the internet. It has revolutionized how we do business today. It has also improved access and efficiency, reduced costs, and made business operations very convenient. All these benefits can turn sour if you do not have a robust security system against data breach, data loss, or hacking.

Modern technology is advancing at a rocket pace. Similarly, thieves, cyber-terrorist, and hackers are also improving their game to grab any chance they get. If you are sloppy with mobile devices, you might encounter the wrath of these cybercriminals.

If you have a large team of employees using wireless computing, it becomes even riskier to your entire system. The chances are that employees might misplace their mobile gadgets or download the hacking Trojans that will invade your system.

I am sure you have heard instances where individuals have lost huge chunks of wealth through hacking. In numerous cases, news of the data breach has made the headlines in our newspapers and mass media. To avoid such incidents in your firm, you need to adopt the following essential security measures.


Instigate A Mobile Device Policy

One of the first steps you should undertake if you are considering the use of wireless computing in your business is implementing a mobile gadget policy. This preventative measure is essential if you and your employees are accessing emails, company information, and financial records using personal mobile gadgets. Family members, friends, or acquaintances of your employees can easily access their devices. You should, therefore, develop a policy that offers guidelines on how the employees can use their mobile gadgets when they are working remotely.

In case employees leave, the company should have measures that ensure that the company’s information will be secured. They should also ensure that information can easily be erased and cleaned up from devices for protection or theft. The client or critical data like credit details should always be secured, and out of reach since the consequences or misuse are significant and expensive. There should be a policy that restricts the employees from using the company’s devices for personal usage, rooting, or tampering.


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Encrypt your Mobile Gadgets

It would significantly help if you encrypted the mobile gadgets with a password for data security. Encryption ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access data without a unique encryption key. Even when you lose a mobile device, you would not worry about a data breach.

Always Update Your Security Software

The rocket pace of technology comes with the accelerated emergence of threats. Thousands of new threats can emerge almost daily. If your software is outdated, it might not be able to fight against the surge of these new threats. Your mobile gadgets security setting should be updated as frequently as possible. Having an automatic update protocol for your employees will assist in ensuring devices remains up to date throughout.

Prohibit Your Staff from Downloading Unauthorized Files and Software

Cybercriminals are known to invade systems by introducing Trojan files and software. Barring employees from downloading software and data from unknown sources will prevent employees from unknowingly being duped into downloading malicious applications or files that can invade your systems.


Have A Backup System For Mobile Devices

I am sure you have, in one instance, lost an important contact or a file and lost it for good. Having backup systems saves you the pain of losing valuable information. Mobile gadgets can be lost or damaged when they have critical business information. Backup systems will come in handy to restore all that information. Cloud backup is becoming popular, and most businesses are backing up their data in the online cloud. It would help if you also considered sourcing for professional cloud systems for your business.

Implement A Remote Wiping Protocol

Remote wiping is an excellent way of protecting your company from data breaches in case of lost or stolen mobile devices. The remote wiping protocol prevents the retrieval of essential information regarding your business from the lost or stolen device. This security measure ensures that sensitive data cannot be accessed.


Implement Strong Password and Passcodes Protocol

Strong passwords are necessary for protecting unauthorized access to information. Employees should have passwords that cannot be easily memorized or guessed. An excellent password should contain numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters, and special characters. The length of the password should at least be eight characters as longer passwords provide more security to your device.

Educate your Employees on Cloud Computing Security

The saying ‘an informed person is a powerful person’ shows the need to be informed. If your employees are informed about cloud computing and the risks and threats involved, they will surely exercise caution when using mobile gadgets. You should conduct regular training and sensitization that keeps your staff informed and up to date with computing threats.

Are you using the above essential measures to secure your business? If you have not implemented these measures yet and you are using wireless computing, know you might be holding a ticking bomb that can explode at any time.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to implement all of these measures. Our process involves documenting all mobile devices accessing your company, detailing your cloud software system, and formulating a backup protocol that protects data stored in third-party software. This thorough process will help you avert cloud-computing threats by securing the mobile devices of your employees.

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