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Peak Server Performance Keeps Business Processes Moving!

Your server is at the heart and soul of your network.

If it is outdated or not working efficiently, your business isn’t working.

It’s just that simple – and that critical!

Good server management keeps you up to speed.

Our professional IT team specializes in Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix server technologies.

We provide services including directory services, core services, email, database, web, and all other critical technical functions.

But we understand…

You don’t want to know what we do or how we do it…you just want it to work!

And that’s what we deliver to our clients…

Worry-free productivity – year after year.


What if your server has hit the end of its life expectancy and needs to be replaced?

That’s easy.

Give us a call!

BACS provides server hardware upgrades and operating system upgrades to keep your equipment and network running at maximum performance.

How do we do it?

We monitor your server 24/7 to spot and address potential issues!

BACS provides diagnostics for your server, allowing us to proactively detect potential problems.

That means…

We resolve issues for you BEFORE they become BIG problems that cause downtime and lost revenue!

Sound good?

It is!

Don’t wait for an emergency.

Give us a call!

Reach out now to (650) 887-4601 or sales@bacsit.com