Mike Mairose Selects BACS As His IT Consulting Firm

Key Points:

  • What are your criteria for IT needs?
  • Before choosing any IT firm, define your essential factors first.
  • A reliable relationship with your IT consulting firm must understand this.
  • Avoid this common mistake to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.
  • What did they uncover if both sides came to the table without objections?

What would you need to bring in an IT Consulting Firm like BACS? Does the consultant need a working knowledge of your industry? The specialized equipment or software your company uses? Or is it more strategic?

Like many companies, you have very specific IT needs. You want your IT consultant to have above-average solutions tailored to fit your business model. That’s what Mike received when he brought us in. Here’s what he said.

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What Are Your Essential Factors To Consider?

Choosing and working with an IT consulting firm should not be taken lightly. For Mike, his important factors revolved around needing an innovative IT company. He also wanted the firm to provide the latest technology solutions for his construction company.

The reason for specific considerations is that his clients, life science, technology, commercial, and higher education sectors require complex construction needs. The same well-defined concerns also apply to your company too.

Whether you serve one or more industries, your organization and business model is tailored to help your clients, customers, or patients. You rely heavily on updated technology for seamless operation. So, before you choose any IT firm, define and determine your essential factors first.

Do You Want A Vendor or Partnership?

Like your clientele whose buying habits change, your technology needs will also change over time. In some companies, a vendor is all that’s needed. However, with any technology used in your organization, a partnership brings that equipment under its wing.

That reliable relationship with your IT consulting firm must understand this because you require they deliver the results you want and expect. But it doesn’t stop there. You also need proof they have a solid record of delivering on their recommendations.

When Mike discovered that BACS did deliver the results he wanted and provided the proof he expected, he was in for another surprise. He learned we had a history of implementing cutting-edge solutions that were not easy to find with other IT consulting firms.

Does The Size Of The IT Service Package Matter?

For all companies, it does. You probably do in your organization but are unaware of what’s needed. MAI Construction had numerous business objectives requiring fulfillment. That meant designing and tailoring an extensive package of IT services to achieve their company goals.

To ensure you’re getting precisely what you want, you must avoid the common mistake others have made. Here’s what happens. An IT firm tells you this is how they do it and what you’ll spend, and you blindly accept their recommendations.

Instead, you want the IT consultant to sit down with you and begin to understand your company, the hardware, and the software used. You want them to realize that you operate your business in a way that’s worked smoothly. However, you know it’s time for professional guidance.

Start A Conversation with BACS, Your IT Consulting Firm

The best long-term technology relationships and partnerships begin with a meeting. Neither side came to the table with objections on their sleeves. Both sides were only interested in learning more about the other.

That’s the way it is with BACS Consulting Group. We won’t know in advance if we’re the right fit for your company. Before we can advise you, we must get to know you and how your business operates, along with hardware and software uses.

Let’s start a conversation when you want a long-lasting partnership with an IT consulting firm. That’s what Mike did when he chose BACS Consulting Group. Contact us today or call (650) 383-3850 to set up your meeting with our IT consultant.

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