Securing Cloud Storage For Life Sciences and BioTech Industries

Key Points:

  • The curtain gets pulled back on secure data storage and cloud options.
  • Not all cloud data solutions are created equal and need scrutinizing.
  • Are you prepared to uncover what the penetration test results revealed?
  • Skipping this one step could accidentally cause a malware infection.
  • This type of audit exposes where employees lack operational training.

When we talk about life sciences and biotech industries, these are companies that focus on creating products that improve an organism’s life. In those diverse fields, you have trade secrets, intellectual property, and classified research, which are heavily regulated.

The need for superior data warehousing and security has made cloud storage a viable option and increasingly popular in those industries. However, to ensure all data stays protected, security concerns need addressing. Jeremy pulls the curtain back on these issues in today’s video.

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Selecting The Correct Cloud Data Solution

As the use of cloud storage continues to grow, security concerns need addressing. Many regulatory agencies have strict requirements for storing and accessing data. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to steep penalties for a company or organization.

For instance, the life sciences and biotech industries need extreme security, encryption, compliance, and flexibility. However, not all cloud data solutions are created equal and need reviewing. You have private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds.

Before you make your selection, you must first consider several additional factors. You must also give greater attention to the cloud solution’s security protection and enhancements. Finally, it must also meet the needs of your business or organization and your end users.

Steps To Take To Uncover Gaps

When selecting a cloud data storage provider, you may find holes or gaps in their online security. That’s why we recommend implementing scheduled security assessments and penetration testing. Below we’ve listed a few benefits when assessing and testing.

  • Identify gaps, risks, and vulnerabilities
  • Uncover the impact of an attack
  • Determine what caused the access
  • Provide direct action steps for remediation
  • Outlines best practices in maintaining visibility

Once completed, it may surprise you to discover your data storage vulnerabilities. The benefit of assessing and testing is for your protection, industry compliance, and, more importantly, avoiding government penalties.

Investing In Cybersecurity Training

Every business and organization faces unexpected cyber threats and attacks daily. Proactive industries and institutions take protection seriously and choose to educate their staff. Those who do not prepare suffer a more significant loss.

One of those areas is investing in cybersecurity training. As each person progresses, they become more aware of the dangers lurking, for instance, getting a strange email from an unknown source sent to an employee’s company inbox and the proper way to handle it.

Before receiving training, that individual may have opened the message, unaware they may have just infected your network with malware. Cybersecurity education gives your staff the tools to make an informed decision before taking action.

Fine Tuning With Security Audits

When you examine the security strength of your cloud data solution, a security audit opens the door to addressing potential exposure and creating new security policies. It also exposes where employees lack necessary operational training and needs improvement.

The main reason you want security audits performed is to test your existing security strategy’s effectiveness and whether they need immediate updating. It also presents unseen areas of improvement for your internal security team and where staff can improve.

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One of the biggest concerns in the life sciences and biotech industries is the need for data confidentiality, encryption, and compliance. Having any data stored in the cloud poses a risk when numerous people have access to that information.

We are an IT company that takes the extra steps to ensure your life sciences and biotech trade secrets, intellectual property, and research remain secure. To avoid accidental deletions, data tampering, or cyber threats, partner with BACS Consulting Group. Contact us today or call (650) 383-3850.

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