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As organizations reshape their business models to accommodate a more mobile workforce, companies are increasingly upgrading to more versatile and reliable business phone platforms. Continuing to hang on to an outdated system can hamper productivity and disrupt workflow.

To help ensure your business is operating at peak performance, you need a business telephone system that is optimized for your unique business needs, along with a network and infrastructure strategy built around several best practice principles.


Gain an Advantage with an Intelligent Phone Strategy

An efficient and reliable business phone system is vital to effective communications and smooth-running operations. Outdated technology can take a toll on your business performance. Network inefficiencies, poor collaboration, and disconnected employees weaken daily operations, putting customer relationships―and your reputation―at risk.

At BACS, we bring deep expertise to the complex world of business phone system acquisition, implementation, and management. Our expert consultants work with you to identify your priorities, define your business needs, and create a customized phone system plan and infrastructure strategy for ongoing business success.

BACS is well-versed in the challenges businesses face when upgrading a new phone system, configuring networks, or switching carriers. We work with you to select and implement the best platform and the best plan based on your unique business needs and budget requirements.

Our consultants are experts in the latest phone system features and capabilities. We understand that choosing the right platform is more than just a cost preference ―it’s a strategic decision that can have lasting implications on business performance for many years to come.

BACS provides business phone system consulting and implementation expertise across several core areas:

  • Phone system upgrade and replacement
  • Cloud-based and on-premises hosting
  • VoIP service providers
  • Phone system support and maintenance
  • Cabling installation and configuration
  • Programming and support
  • System troubleshooting

Drive Productivity with Better Communication

“Unless your phone system is equipped with the latest features, your business may not be operating at peak performance. A challenge for many organizations is they lack the technical expertise to understand the nuances of today’s rapidly-evolving phone technology landscape.”

That’s where BACS can help. With more than 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes evaluate, implement, and maintain their business phone systems, we can help remove the complexity from phone system selection and deployment.

BACS works closely with you to define your business requirements and create an acquisition or upgrade strategy tailored to your needs. We leverage our deep knowledge and insights to create a personalized action plan designed to drive more productivity, improve collaboration, and reduce costs.

With a detailed assessment of your network infrastructure and communication environment, our phone system experts will help you:

  • Define your business needs  and uncover potential barriers
  • Balance cost and risk with operational flexibility and growth
  • Determine bandwidth and cabling requirements
  • Establish VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) implementation criteria
  • Upgrade processes and infrastructure to accommodate your company’s shifting mobility needs
  • Build a robust security framework to safeguard data and assets
  • Create proposal requests and assist with negotiations
  • Train internal staff and users on system features and functionality
  • Manage ongoing software updates, technology deployment, and support

Work with a Technology Expert

Phone system capabilities have advanced significantly in recent years. If you’re still using outdated technology, chances are, you can do much better. But choosing the right platform and service plan can present a number of challenges. That’s where the knowledge and guidance from an expert consultant like BACS can help.

Our experienced phone system consultants will work with you to:

  • Plan for the future. Implementing a new phone system requires a substantial investment of time and resources. Therefore, it’s vital that you make sure the technology you choose can effectively support your current needs without hampering future growth. Ease of scalability also comes into play should your business need to downsize. The ease in which you can reconfigure infrastructure to meet shifting business needs can impact long-term productivity, efficiency, and return on investment.
  • Identify essential features. From automated attendants to call screening, today’s phone systems offer an array of features and capabilities that previously were only available to larger enterprises. To make sure you don’t end up paying for options you don’t need, BACS will work with you to identify your must-have features and make sure they align with your business priorities before comparing plans and potential providers.
  • Consider device options. The type of phone system and features you choose should support your unique operational needs. Does your business operate with a more traditional structure that includes physical office phones?  Or does it have a large remote workforce that would benefit from the flexibility of a virtual phone service, such as a softphone? We’ll help you choose the options that make the most sense and provide the best value for your needs.
  • Leverage existing investments. As legacy infrastructure becomes outdated, upgrades can become a labor and time-intensive task loaded with risks. Our technology advisors can help you pivot wisely to new technology and new platforms while optimizing your existing investments. We understand the complexities of technology integration and work to ensure your system aligns with your priorities and will scale appropriately.
  • Strengthen security. Your phone system should be fully protected to help prevent fraud, viruses and malware, eavesdropping attempts and other malicious threats. BACS will work with you to make sure you engage with trusted service providers who apply the latest security and threat detection techniques to help safeguard your mission-critical data and systems.
  • Consider cost structures. The type of cost structure you prefer may influence the hosting option you ultimately select. With an on-premises model, you pay all installation, license fees, and equipment expenses up front. With a cloud-based system, you avoid upfront fees, but rather you pay a monthly fee. While some advertised prices can sound appealing, it’s important to factor in the total cost of ownership. Small hidden costs can add up quickly to become a significant part of the project budget.
  • Optimize mobility. Integrating mobility features into your phone systems is smart business strategy in the age of digital. From choosing the right application software to optimizing workforce uptime, proper mobility execution and management requires expert planning and technology know-how. Looking ahead, mobile capabilities will become even more vital for businesses of all sizes. We’ll work with your to make sure the mobile capabilities you choose align with your immediate and long-term needs.
  • Improve collaborationPhone system capabilities have advanced rapidly in the last few years with the addition of new collaboration and productivity tools. Conference calling, instant messaging, and presence tools give employees more flexibility in how they interact and collaborate with co-workers. We’ll work with you to take full advantage of today’s powerful collaboration tools.

Leverage the Advantages of VoIP

One chief advantage of IP phone system technology is the ability to consolidate essential communications and collaboration capabilities onto a single server solution, helping to reduce IT complexity.  You also gain significant cost savings―especially in long distance rates―and enjoy a wider array of mobility features than are provided in other telephony formats.

But the transition from traditional phone system technology to an IP-based platform can be difficult, especially when it comes to network upgrades or integrating applications or locations. That’s where we can help. BACS offers a wide array of solutions that they can be tailored for your unique business needs, ranging from telephony/fax to hosted VoIP and standard analog.

VoIP phone systems continue to grow in popularity due to their efficiency, productivity, and cost savings advantages.

  • Scalability and Mobility. An important advantage of VoIP is the ability to connect your IP-enabled phone to any Internet connection, giving your employees the flexibility to collaborate across any voice-enabled mobile device, as well as laptops and desktops. Meanwhile, the ability to process multiple calls over a single network helps simplify the process of scaling up or down based on shifting business needs.
  • Improved efficiency. The ability to use existing data networks eliminates the need to set up of a dedicated, separate network. The end result is less capital expense, less complexity and reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Security.  Ensuring secure communications with traditional phone technology requires the deployment of multiple digital transmission security measures. Most VoIP platforms, on the other hand, are already equipped with these security capabilities “baked into” their solution. Users only need to apply standard internet security techniques, such as authentication and data encryption).

Whether you’re looking for more insight around a VoIP phone system or interested in doing more with your existing infrastructure, equipment and networks, we can help. BACS has extensive experience in VoIP phone system deployments and can help remove much of the complexity from system selection, configuration, implementation, and management.

Meet Today’s Shifting Mobility Demands

Competitive advantage in today’s market tends to favor those who know how to get the most from their IT investments. Achieving cost optimization requires a clear and documented framework for measuring, analyzing and predicting IT and business performance and risk.

BACS provides impartial, fact-based recommendations designed to make your business more efficient and productive. You might need updated tools or processes, or perhaps simple a better configuration for the tools you have. Either way, we’ll help you make the right decision. We’ll make recommendations based on what works and what is going to deliver optimum return on your investment.

With the diverse array of options and configurations available, finding the right phone system at the right cost requires specialized skill and expertise. Our technology experts can help you transition to new technology at the optimum time, while extracting maximum value from your legacy systems.

At BACS, we strive to stay up to date on the latest innovations and have strategically aligned ourselves with leading phone system and service providers. Our expert recommendations outline the steps and actions you need to take to meet your network performance needs and long-term business goals.

When it comes to business telephone systems, finding an optimum balance between innovation and cost savings can be tricky. From implementing infrastructure to securing the best carrier rates, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage your phone deployment project. We can help you:

  • Leverage existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Manage network and cabling configuration and upgrades
  • Tailor VoIP functionality, services and tools to your unique needs
  • Establish a framework for cloud-based technologies and platforms
  • Meet service level requirements for call flow, quality of service, security, and business continuity
  • Coordinate, plan and implement a seamless VoIP migration
  • Identify the right deployment model for your environment, saving you time and money while mitigating risk.
  • Evaluate existing phone service plans, assess workflow patterns, and review existing security and network access policies
  • Plan, manage, and conduct phone system training and optimization practices

Choosing the right phone system and deployment model is essential to creating a high-performing business environment and driving efficiency. You can count on BACS to recommend the best technology and carrier service based on your unique needs.

With expertise from BACS, you’ll be better prepared to:

  • Capitalize on new growth opportunities, thanks to a more efficient and reliable phone system and more adaptable  network infrastructure
  • Reduce phone system costs and improve communication quality and reliability
  • Increase productivity through more efficient collaboration and improved mobility features.

As with any technology investment, it’s important to carefully evaluate your needs before committing to a new product. For business phone systems, determining your budget, the number of users you will be supporting, and the degree of service flexibility you need are good baseline measures for determining the best system for your needs.

While businesses continue to plan and strategize on how to best modernize their business communication infrastructure, the range of technology options continues to expand. Many organizations are looking at more versatile configurations, such as cloud-based systems, to address different business needs. With the shift toward more remote work environments, many businesses are upgrading their phone systems and networks to accommodate today’s rapidly-evolving business models.

With expert guidance from BACS, you can rest assured that we will work with you to help ensure your phone systems and supporting infrastructure provides the reliability, security and performance you need in today’s increasingly competitive business environments.

For more information on our business phone systems solutions and services, contact us here.

Leveraging the Value of Strategic IT Management

Technology is far too important not to deserve strategic priority. In today’s era of rapid business change, short-sighted decisions can result in costly, ineffective investments and technology complexity. That’s why you need an IT consultant that understands the technology landscape and is focused on helping you solve business challenges, drive efficiency, and build lasting value.

BACS consultants are well-equipped with deep industry expertise and the latest tools to systematically evaluate your IT environment. We review your IT support capabilities, pinpointing areas of potential improvement that could have the most impact on business productivity, service quality, and operational efficiency.

Working with an experienced service provider like BACS can help ease the growing burden of IT management while helping your business:

  • Stay current with access to the latest technologies
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimization
  • Meet industry standards for compliance, security and uptime
  • Optimize reliability and availability of resources and applications
  • Prioritize decisions and plan for new capabilities based on defined business goals

Would You Like to Discuss IT Services For Your Business?

BACS Consulting Group is here to be your trusted team of technology professionals.

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