Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) was strongly dissatisfied with their existing IT services provider. They needed a proactive IT management partner who delivers problem-solving, responsive communication, timely response, and action on tickets/issues. Unfortunately, the firm they were using was slow to respond, taking up to a week or more to reply to tickets and sometimes not at all. This led to unnecessary downtime, decreased productivity, and frustration. AHF had no dedicated point of contact for IT nor technical issues. Tickets were frequently treated as an inconvenience or a waste of time on their provider’s part. Operations Manager, Bryan Fisher, recalls one occasion where he finally reached a live person and having a list of items which took an hour to get through.

After doing some research and with much trepidation, Bryan contacted BACS Consulting Group.

Because of how we operate, and especially because of AHF’s poor experience with our predecessors, we wanted to ensure past errors were not repeated. This meant:

  • Understanding AHF’s needs and infrastructure
  • Determining the best IT programs and technology solutions for AHF
  • Upgrading AHF’s infrastructure
  • Organizing AHF’s cabling and wiring for more efficient troubleshooting
  • Setting up new bespoke tech for AHF
  • Moving forward as AHF’s IT management partner

Understanding AHF’s needs and infrastructure

Bryan says the difference was instantly noticeable. BACS took the time to understand AHF’s specific needs and existing infrastructure. Then, working with Bryan and other key personnel, BACS developed an actionable strategy to create a more robust and effective IT management methodology, letting AHF’s needs guide the process.

Once we had a clear agreement and enthusiastic consent to the path forward, we acted. 

Upgrading AHF’s infrastructure

The first step was to upgrade and update AHF’s IT infrastructure to make it more efficient and save them money in the long term. We started by removing an extraneous in-house server and migrating their operations to a cloud-based scheme, realizing an immediate savings for AHF in power consumption and maintenance.

Redoing AHF’s cabling and wiring

The next order of business was redoing all AHF’s in-house cabling and wiring to allow for updated and more powerful hardware. This included rewiring AHF’s network room and facilitating the installation of an AV system in the conference room and lobby with the latest hardware and teleconferencing technology. 

Setting up new bespoke tech for AHF

We replaced the Windows-based system with Mac computers, which we agreed to maintain and manage. Finally, we augmented their network and data security by replacing AHF’s existing firewall with a hardened enterprise-class firewall.

Moving forward as AHF’s IT management Partner

Today, AHF is very pleased with the service they receive from BACS. Bryan reports drastically reduced downtime, with greatly increased staff satisfaction and productivity. He cites our nimble responsiveness, technical tenure, and professional demeanor as key factors in this change. In addition, the peace of mind having access to a one-phone number, one-email point of contact who has the knowledge and skill to take ownership on the issue from initial ticket to final resolution has made contacting IT a pleasure, rather than a pain.  Bryan states, “The BACS team really understands who we are and how we work.  Select BACS as our IT vendor has been a game changer for our organization!”

How can BACS Consulting Group help your company?

We’re very proud of the work we have completed and currently maintain for AHF, and it was our pleasure to create a bespoke IT solution which worked for their needs.

Like many companies, AHF was beginning to wonder if having an IT solutions provider was worth it. With so many cyber threats including phishing, hacking and cracking attacks on the rise around the world, not to mention day-to-day threats, virtually every size company can benefit from having access to dedicated IT professionals. BACS specializes in taking the time to understand the nature of each individual business we serve, and the unique needs, concerns and threats they face. 

Our commitment to providing a unique center of excellence for our clients doesn’t stop once the system is up and running, either. We deliver quarterly reports and evaluations which allow us to adjust to the client’s evolving needs and the customer experience they both deliver to their clientele and receive from us. Our technicians are all rated level 2-4, allowing any of our people to serve as a single point of contact who can accept ownership of any IT issue. No ticket or case is ever resolved until the client says it is. 

To learn more about BACS Consulting Group and how we can help your business deliver a superior customer experience with less downtime and greater security, we encourage you to call (650) 887-4601 or email us at today!

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