Our Executive Team

Jeremy Kushner | Chief Executive Officer

jeremy-kushnerJeremy is co-founder and CEO at BACS Consulting Group.  With nearly two decades of experience in the IT consulting and software industries, Jeremy has spent his career focusing on the end-user experience.   He strongly believes that the user interactions that happen around technology are of equal value as the technology itself.  With that understanding, Jeremy is passionate about making IT a human experience and the core values of BACS strongly reflect that.

Prior to founding BACS, Jeremy held senior positions in the enterprise software industry, including Symantec, Veritas, and ArcSight.   In these roles he managed software consulting and training practices across diverse geographies and user groups, always focusing on helping the end users maximize their  investment in their IT infrastructures.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Education. Early in his career he spent several years teaching in Europe and Latin America.  Aside from being passionate about travel, food and wine, he maintains an active lifestyle that includes hiking, cycling and tennis.  Jeremy, his wife, and two daughters are active members in their community and try their best to avail themselves of all of the diverse activities the greater Bay Area has to offer.



James Berger | Chief Information Officer

james-bergerJames Berger is the CIO and Partner at BACS Consulting Group.  James brings a vision to the management team that is transforming how IT Consulting is delivered.  With a firm focus on values, process, and the ultimate customer experience, relationships are key to the success of the company.  His long career was where he developed his understanding of clients and what it is they really want which is a true overall experience.

Before joining BACS he held various roles but most recently was the IT Director at Myoscience, Inc. where he designed and managed the expansion of the network to support the company’s worldwide operations.

Aside from his duties at BACS, he is also a husband, a father to 4 children, and a volunteer high school football coach.  He is passionate about his community and mentoring teens, developing their athletic skills, but more importantly encouraging them to be positive influences in their school, families, and community.


Michael Kushner | Officer

mike-kushnerMike has over 20 years in the IT field both on the technical and business end of technology which allows him to see the “big picture” when it comes to how technology and business interact and the value it brings to our clients. Mike understands and focuses on how technology works for the client and not the other way around. He is an expert at designing technology solutions for clients with the vision to take into account where the company is going, one size does not fit all, and at the core of any solution is the clients themselves.

Before coming to BACS, Mike was at Cisco Systems, Inc. in both a senior technical and business role for 15 years. Later in his time at Cisco Mike was a Program Manager of a team that set Cisco standards for all hardware purchases throughout the enterprise.

Mike has a BA in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Mike’s focus was on pharmaceutical research and drug development working his first years out of college at a Biotech firm, taking additional classes in pharmacology and getting published in a biomedical journal.

-“IoT without security = internet of threats.”

― Stepahne Nappo

Jeremy Kushner BACS IT

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