Phishing Attacks On Life Science Companies

Key Points:

  • The weakest link in your organization’s security comes down to this.
  • If you have an email, you’ve probably encountered a phishing attack.
  • These traits are the most common reason an attack was successful.
  • Review these basic email strategies once a week with your entire staff.
  • This resource works closely with life science firms to avoid an attack.

Life science companies have installed some of the most rigid cybersecurity protection, impenetrable encryptions, and the strongest antiviruses. With that layer of strength and compliance, what is the weakest link in the organization’s security?

Despite technical advances and efforts in cybersecurity and the multi-layers of protection, the weakest link continues to be the human element. In today’s video, Jeremy Kushner, CEO of BACS Consulting Group, Inc., provides some insights.

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What Is A Phishing Attack?

Phishing is a technique cyber criminals use to send email scams to unsuspecting employees at a company. The entire charade tries to trick the email recipient into releasing sensitive information. Often the email looks like it’s from a reputable source, like the CEO.

Anyone with an email and internet connection has probably come close to or encountered a phishing attack. That attack is widespread and continuously sent. It’s a hacking approach to “fish” for unsuspecting victims.

Surprisingly, cybercriminals have convinced thousands of company leaders and staff worldwide to send money, data, or vital information from the small amount of information they collected. And with all the warnings from IT leaders and cybersecurity experts, the scheme never ends.

What You Need To Know About Your Weakest Link

Life science organizations have an increased risk of attacks from foreign entities. Those are looking to steal technology, disrupt critical drug and treatment supplies, or other IP assets to help their country compete in the life science and biotech industries.

Scammers often want company passwords, financial information, identities, and money. Knowing that, why do individuals continually fall for these scams? In most instances, it falls under one of these six human traits.

  • Urgency
  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Curiosity
  • Complacency
  • Desire to please

Without continuous training and follow-up with the entire staff, employees and leadership can easily fall victim to these phishing scams. And in some instances, someone inside the company is intentionally helping the cybercriminal.

How To Avoid Becoming A Phishing Victim

Every life science organization can take full advantage of how to avoid becoming another victim of a phishing attack. Your entire staff will be up to speed quickly with this proactive approach. Below are eight basic email strategies you will want to follow.

  1. Stay informed about phishing techniques.
  2. Think before you click a link in any email.
  3. Never divulge personal information requested by email.
  4. Consider installing an anti-phishing toolbar and security tools.
  5. Never download files from unknown emails or websites.
  6. Require your entire staff to change their passwords often.
  7. Regularly check your online bank and credit card accounts.
  8. Update your browsers to the latest version.

Review this checklist with company leaders and your entire employment staff weekly. That begins to strengthen your cybersecurity protocols. It also easily conditions employees into using their emails cautiously.

BACS Consulting Group Helps Prevent Phishing Attacks

Life science companies and organizations go to great lengths to protect their firms. Each must store high levels of sensitive data and documentation. Along with strict cybersecurity requirements, they must comply with tight government regulations.

BACS Consulting Group works closely with life science companies to prevent phishing attacks. To avoid becoming another victim of a phishing attack, partner with us. Contact us today or call (650) 383-3850 for immediate assistance.

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