Does Your IT Company Own Its Mistakes? (We Do)

No IT company is perfect.

Whether yours has been honest about it or not, every IT team makes a mistake from time to time. What’s important is how they choose to deal with it.

Do they blame you, your staff, or your other vendors? Or do they own up to the problem and do what it takes to fix it?

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Does Your IT Company Own Up To (And Fix) Their Mistakes?

Do you find that your IT company is always blaming you or your staff members when you contact them about an issue?

Are they constantly pointing the finger at your other technology vendors?

Have they ever taken responsibility for an issue?

Accountability is a critical component of any effective relationship. You need an IT company that understands the role they play in your success and can own up when they make a mistake.

Case in point…

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The Problem

“We had installed some equipment in a network rack in their office,” says James Burger, CIO, BACS Consulting Group. “They didn’t pass inspection because we installed it too low.”

In the course of helping this client build an IT environment for their new business location, we installed a network rack too close to the ground. When the building inspector visited to assess the building, the placement of our network rack resulted in a failed inspection.

To make matters worse, this was on a Friday, prior to their planned opening on the following Monday. There was very little time in which to address this issue.

Whereas another IT company may have blamed the client or tried to delay any service until Monday morning, our team knew it was our mistake, and that we had to fix it right away.

The Solution

“In order to ensure we did the right thing, we traveled down to Southern California,” says James.

Recognizing that there was no time to waste, we sent a few BACS Consulting Group staff members down to the client’s building. Our team worked quickly and carefully to reinstall the network rack in a more suitable location.

“We moved the equipment up and made sure they cleared inspection and were ready to go Monday morning,” says James.

This is direct proof of our commitment to our clients. In the course of delivering service, we will do what it takes to make sure your IT systems meet your needs.

Furthermore, in the rare instance where we make a mistake, we won’t try to shift the blame. We’ll own it, and deliver a solution as fast as we can.

“That’s just one of the examples of how we make sure we’re providing the best experience possible,” says James.

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