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VoIP Business Phone and High-Speed Internet – A Powerful Combination

Does your internet provider and land-line telephone service let you down when you need them most?

Are you being hit by big bills – and bigger hardware replacement costs?

Does your productivity come to a screeching halt when internet and phone service suddenly quits for an hour?

It’s time to talk to our experts!

We offer internet connectivity services via leading providers and business-class VoIP telephone solutions.

With our internet partners, we can take your bandwidth from good to GREAT!

Think about it…

No more slowdowns when everyone at work is on the internet all at once.

Faster speeds means getting more done in a workday!

What employer doesn’t want that?

But it gets better….

With VoIP business phone systems we can significantly cut your monthly communications bill…

And move your company away from outdated land-line telephones to the newer infrastructure of mobile, high-speed internet!

Call BACS at (650) 887-4601 or send an email to sales@bacsit.com to learn more about what better internet and VoIP can do for your bottom line.