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Reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity is vital for today’s modern business. Inadequate bandwidth network inefficiencies and poor quality can lead to higher costs, lost productivity, and disgruntled customers.

To help ensure your Internet service is operating at peak performance, you need to have a solid infrastructure, the right service plan, and a business-aligned strategy built around proven best practice principles.


Making Technology a Business Priority

To keep pace with the speed of business, you need an Internet service that is fast, reliable, cost-efficient and secure.  At BACS, we are well-equipped with the deep knowledge and specialized expertise needed to tackle today’s complex Internet selection, configuration and management challenges.

Whether you’re looking at implementing a faster, more reliable Internet service or need more insight around a new VoIP phone system, we’ll work with you to make sure the solution you deploy meets your current needs and aligns with your long-term business goals.

BACS partners with leading Internet service providers to meet a range of performance and cost-efficiency demands. We can help manage the cost of network configuration, service provisioning, bandwidth upgrades, as well as installation and maintenance.

Our consultants are experts in Internet and VoIP phone system deployments and can help ease the complexity of technology configuration and management. We understand that implementing the right Internet connection is more than just a cost decision―it’s a strategic investment that can have lasting implications on business performance.

BACS provides Internet and VoIP consulting services and solutions across several core areas:

  • Internet service provider (ISP) evaluation, selection and migration
  • Account management and support
  • Business phone system upgrade and replacement
  • VoIP needs assessment
  • Bandwidth assessment and utilization requirements
  • Network provisioning, optimization and configuration
  • Firewall upgrade and network security analysis
  • VoIP vendor and plan comparison, selection and acquisition
  • Programming and support

Overcoming the Hurdles of Network Complexity

Navigating the complexity of today’s network options is no easy task, particularly in an era of fast-moving technology advancements. The wrong decision can result in an overly expensive service plan, limited scalability, and inferior performance.

That’s where BACS can help. Our strategic approach to Internet selection and management allows you to plan more intelligently while managing the rapid acceleration of technology change. We’ll help you define your business priorities and outline the steps you need to take to meet your immediate performance needs as well as long-term business goals.

Organizations today are under increasing pressure to deploy Internet connections that can support more resource-intensive applications and workloads. To meet these new high-speed, high-bandwidth demands, more focus is needed to ensure that your network is fully optimized with the latest advances and implemented and managed in an efficient, intelligent manner.

BACS has extensive experience helping businesses across industry sectors evaluate their Internet performance needs, deploy new infrastructure, and make adjustment to improve operational efficiency, reliability, and security. We can help you:

  • Evaluate and select the right ISP for your unique business needs
  • Balance cost and risk with operational flexibility and growth
  • Establish VoIP implementation criteria
  • Upgrade firewalls and strengthen network security
  • Negotiate with ISPs and secure optimum service plans
  • Train users on VoIP system features and functionality
  • Manage ongoing software updates, technology deployment, and support

In today’s increasingly mobile work environments, a reliable, high-speed Internet connection is more important than ever. You need to be able to effectively communicate across all digital channels whenever the need arises.

However, not all Internet technologies and service plans are the same. BACS works closely with you to assess your connectivity needs and help you choose the right solution at the best price. We understand that your requirements are unique and make sure our technology recommendations are aligned with your strategic priorities.

A well-defined strategy begins with a detailed assessment of your IT environment to determine how well your Internet service is performing and how best to leverage existing resources. The assessment uncovers network strengths and weaknesses, identifies opportunities for cost optimization, and provides greater clarity for making future IT investment decisions.

The assessment can help:

  • Gain a clear picture of your network capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and how well your technology plans align with business goals
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and lapses in system backup, power disruptions, and data recovery processes
  • Create a defined action plan to bolster your network defenses against growing security threats
  • Improve network speed and efficiency while cutting costs through well-timed, strategic technology upgrades

Justifying the Transition to VoIP

One of the best ways to optimize the value of your IP connection is by upgrading your business phone to a VoIP-based platform. The ability to use existing data networks eliminates the need to set up of a dedicated, separate network. The end result is less capital expense, less complexity, and reduced total cost of ownership.

VoIP technology allows you to consolidate essential communications and collaboration capabilities into a single server solution. Meanwhile, the feature-rich IP network allows you to take advantage of advanced phone capabilities, including desk-to-desk calling, call routing, private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities, and automated attendant systems.

While VoIP systems continue to grow in popularity, transitioning to an IP-based platform can be tricky, especially when it comes to network upgrades and integrating applications and locations. Whether you’re looking for more insight around a VoIP phone system or interested in doing more with your existing infrastructure and Internet capabilities, BACS has extensive experience in VoIP phone system deployments and can help remove f the complexity from system selection, configuration, implementation, and management.

BACS offers a wide array of solutions that they can be tailored for your unique business needs, ranging from telephony/fax to hosted VoIP and standard analog. We can help you:

  • Leverage existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Manage network and cabling configuration and upgrades
  • Tailor VoIP functionality, services and tools to your unique needs
  • Establish a framework for cloud-based technologies and platforms
  • Identify the right deployment model for your unique business needs
  • Evaluate existing phone service plans and compare with more cost-efficient options
  • Plan, manage, and conduct phone system training and optimization practices

Navigating the Range of Internet Options

As with any technology investment, selecting the right Internet service requires careful evaluation of your business needs before committing to a new provider. Whether selecting a new Internet plan or upgrading to a VoIP phone system, determining your budget, the number of users you will be supporting, and the degree of service flexibility you need are good baseline measures for determining the best choice for your needs.

BACS consultants will create a personalized Internet management and support plan, assist with implementation and training, as well as provide ongoing support through the entire process. Our experts will work with you to:

  • Define your business needs. Before making any infrastructure or product purchase, it’s important to know exactly why you are making the investment. A vague idea about saving money is not enough. You need to make sure the technology you choose will effectively support your current needs and clearly aligns with your business goals. We’ll evaluate the capabilities of your current network infrastructure and work with you to implement any upgrades that you might need to support anticipated increases in network traffic.
  • Leverage existing investments. As legacy infrastructure becomes outdated, upgrades can become a labor and time-intensive task loaded with risks. Our technology advisors can help you pivot wisely to new technology and new platforms while optimizing your existing investments. We understand the complexities of technology integration and work to ensure your system aligns with your priorities and will scale appropriately.
  • Bolster security. Your network infrastructure and VoIP phone system should be fully protected to help prevent fraud, viruses and malware, eavesdropping attempts and other malicious threats. BACS will work with you to make sure you engage with trusted service providers who apply the latest security and threat detection techniques to help safeguard your mission-critical data and systems.
  • Identify must-have features. Today’s phone systems offer an array of features and capabilities that previously were only available to larger enterprises. To make sure you don’t end up paying for options you don’t need, BACS will work with you to identify your must-have features in a VoIP phone system and make sure they align with your business priorities before comparing plans and potential providers, helping to make sure you get a feature-rich phone system without breaking your budget.
  • Ensure reliable support. While VoIP only requires an IP telephone to make and receive calls, it is still a complex and rapidly evolving technology. BACS works closely with you to define your business requirements and create an acquisition or upgrade strategy tailored to your needs. We leverage our deep knowledge and insights to create a personalized action plan designed to drive more productivity, improve collaboration, and optimize the full potential that VoIP provides.

Reap the Benefits of Network Expertise

While businesses continue to plan and strategize on how best to optimize their Internet capabilities, the range of technology options continues to grow. With the emergence of new digital technologies, such as the IoT, many businesses are upgrading their Internet performance to accommodate today’s escalating workload demands. 

Businesses need to understand not only what technology they are implementing but why, and what the best options are for continued growth.  Sound infrastructure planning will allow you to more easily adapt to shifting business needs or new strategies, whether it’s geographic expansion, launching new products and services, or making decisions around mergers and acquisitions. 

At BACS, we work with you to understand your vision and create an actionable plan that will allow you to manage and optimize your Internet performance for maximum advantage. Flexible and cost-efficient remote monitoring capabilities allow our team of specialists to support your business across multiple industries and geographic locations.  

Continuous insight into network usage and performance metrics helps identify and resolve issues quickly, allowing you to avoid unnecessary and costly downtime. BACS network support specialists can:

  • Analyze trends, detect potential threats, and compare performance to industry benchmarks or pre-defined metrics. 
  • Recommend design and configuration improvements help ensure your network is reliable, available and secure 
  • Review real-time performance data and usage trends, giving your valuable insight into impending or unforeseen events along with future upgrade needs.  

In an era where technology often drives business growth, staying on the cutting edge is more critical than ever. A calculated, strategic approach to Internet selection and planning can help keep your business agile, competitive and secure. 

At BACS, we consistently monitor Internet and IP technology trends to recommend the best connectivity solutions for your unique business needs. Our focus is on helping you effectively manage and support your IT and network operations for continuous improvement. We help you define your business goals, map out the best strategy, and assist you with execution.  

Many businesses experience high turnover within their IT team. With every team member exit, vital knowledge is lost―making it increasingly more difficult to optimize your return from new technology investments. 

That’s where working with an experienced consultant like BACS can help. We’ll evaluate the capabilities of your network infrastructure and assess your potential options. We follow best practice methods to develop realistic cost models, growth estimates, and sourcing options. 

You can count on BACS to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your business, your people and your goals
  • Advise you on how to best optimize the value of your technology investments
  • Identify and outline every strategic and business advantage we can find
  • Be your trusted partner for IT strategy and technology decisions

We use our deep experience and expertise to recommend the best Internet service plan and the best VoIP platform based on your specific needs. We leverage our strengths and connections with leading ISPs to help you reduce costs, helping your business gain the most efficient and most reliable technology to stay connected in today’s fast-moving business environment.

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