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BACS provides services to many well-known companies nationwide from our base here in San Francisco, California. While we’re obligated to maintain confidentiality, we are able to provide first-hand accounts of the types of issues we tackle on a regular basis, with identifying details removed for privacy purposes.

A Retail Client   A Mid-Sized Corporate Client

A Retail Client: 

business womanThe client called us, looking for IT Services and Support. We performed a complete assessment and provided the client with a full assessment and proposal. They ultimately decided that BACS was too expensive, and hired a “cheaper” outfit to handle and configure their IT.

Six months later, the client called us again, hoping that we would be able to fix the previous outfit’s mistakes and get their systems up and running. Upon rehire, we discovered that the equipment installed was of poor quality and the system itself was a convoluted, incompatible mess. They did not even have a working security system, due to their Ethernet cables being laid directly on top of high voltage lines, causing massive RF interference.

We worked hard to find a resolution to their problems. In the end, the client spent nearly four times as much as our original proposal in order to have their IT needs set right. If we had been their IT support provider from the beginning, they would have saved over 300% on IT costs.

Note: This happens far more often than you’d think. Often, business owners don’t understand what is required to ensure the reliable functionality and support of IT systems. Commercial grade technology and experienced professionals are required. A business owner may see the cost, but not the value behind choosing a company like BACS to be their IT partner, helping them achieve their business objectives and vision.

A Mid-Sized Corporate Client:

We were contacted by a client who was concerned that their current IT Manager was not performing to their expectations, and worried about the affect on their systems. They were also hoping to reduce their IT costs.

We discovered that there were several systems that had not been updated and kept current. There was also no off-site backup whatsoever. This meant that a single flood, fire, or disaster could easily put the entire company out of business due to complete loss of data. None of the network ports or critical equipment had been labeled, so no one even knew which cord went where.

We performed a full IT assessment with recommendations. In the end, the client decided to work with BACS and utilize us as their IT Department. The result is that we were able to save the client 50% annually in their IT support, they have an updated, maintained offsite backup, equipment has been upgraded or replaced as needed, and their systems are monitored remotely. We are also providing on-site IT support for the client as needed.

Call BACS today at: (650) 887-4601, or contact us online. We look forward to working with you.

BACS has a reputation of providing excellent IT support and services. We work with clients of all sizes, from startups just getting off the ground, to large enterprise companies with very specialized industry needs.